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toms sale Hu Huanshu they live near her daughter home

but they did not do long, or because of care, low, or because of other reasons too tired to care, has left. 1983, in the hospital arrangement, when the cleaners Wang took care of the task of help text, Fuling certain nursing monthly water sector. said that when she was responsible for day to help Wang Wen Da Fan, meal delivery, and later, gradually assume his living. To be able to simultaneously take care of him and his little grandson, Hu Huanshu and grandson moved to live together, with the grandchildren grew older,toms sale, single Zusun Liang slept less than two years ago, Hu Huanshu they live near her daughter home,air max pas cher femme, and her grandson stayed in huts and Wang Wen companion to help.Care workers,hogan scarpe, such as day care for 29 yearsAfter Wang Wen help paralyzed legs serious decline,scarpe nike, toilet no perception, perennial placement of the catheter, as often eat a variety of drugs, impaired gastric function,kids toms outlet, physical but also very poor, take care of them than the average patient to be careful and much more trouble.Every morning 6:00, came to a small room, the door to put under the bed end urinal toilet cleaned,air max femme pas cher, followed by boiling water for Wang Wen help wash and breakfast good. After breakfast, to help Wang Wen catheter in saline to prevent urinary tract infections.Done all this has to 8am, then, Hu Huanshu also rushed to the hospital to work. Two hours later, back in the hut also help Wang Wen will hold onto a wheelchair, wheelchair so that he sat in the room, and then rush to the hospital himself to work.Noon and evening, after Hu Huanshu work, the first time is to return to the hut to cook rice well let Wang Wen help eat. Before going to sleep at night.

also repeated the morning program, to help Wang Wen to bed, and so it fell asleep before leaving. Huhuan Shu said: “As a long-term bedridden, lack of activity, Wang brother often constipation, every two or three days, I wore a mask and gloves to help him pull the stool.”Hu Huanshu so year after year, day after day,nike tn 2014, to help take care of Wang Wen 29 years, she has not the slightest complaint.Nursing care workers is much lower than ordinaryBecause of the injury, the local water department to help pay monthly Wang Wen certain living expenses, from the 1970s more than 30 yuan,chaussure tn pas cher, has now risen to 700 yuan, a doctor,air max femme pas cher, hospital all rely on Medicare reimbursement, while also helping to solve the Wang Wen nursing . Hu Huanshu recalled, in 1983, only 12 dollars per month care, began to rise in recent years,ray bans online, in 2009, her care,hogan outlet roma, and increased to 900 yuan, compared with the current 80 yuan a day care worker wages.

she got nursing is not high.Ms. Tao old hospital worker, said Hu Huanshu help take care of Wang Wen deeds, many hospital workers are aware,fake ray ban sunglasses, 26 years ago, she graduated from college came to the hospital to work, you often see Wang help text in a wheelchair, Hu Huanshu effortlessly pushed him to come doctor, fill a prescription. “If for the money, just care a patient in the hospital, wages are much higher than it is now.” Ms. Tao said.News Connection”She did not live to see me today.

final confirmation by the court covers manager or owner, its legal liability. This year 62-year-old Hu Huanshu is Fuling District People’s Hospital care workers, 64-year-old Wang helped wen is a paraplegic patient, nearly 30 years ago, Hu Huanshu meticulous care of Wang help text. Today, the two feelings worth siblings. Yesterday morning, told reporters on the phone, “Wang brother in the day, I’ll take care of down.”Paralyzed patient encounter good “sister”Wang Wen is outside help Fuling District, Jiangbei Liang village streets, never married, 27 years old, he was at home when the construction of reservoirs, submerged debris landslides, causing the lower limb paralysis, followed by the production team to Fuling District People’s Hospital. One to the hospital, Wang Wen no longer left to help, paralyzed in bed for 37 years. After a stable condition, the hospital arranged for him two bungalows, easy to him to see a doctor for treatment.Before experiencing , had eight personal care had helped Wang Wen daily diet.

the reporter contacted the Kaifu District Sanitation Bureau,ray ban outlet, infrastructure Ke Xia chief arrived on the scene,nike tn, also said here covers not return their possession. “Sanitation Bureau is responsible for the covers mainly numbered public toilets, here covers the building housing the sewage water from the responsible party should be the building housing developers or property companies.”Birthday Community Director Liai Hui told reporters that the accident that the building has been built for 20 years,Discount Christian Louboutin, most of the property belongs to the owner of the house, only a few are rented here, “covers the surface and no obvious signs of damage, residential property also just and collecting water, electricity,louboutin pas cher, I have found this responsibility superiors to report. “AftermathThe covers have been repaired Community ResponsibilityCurrently,louboutin, Kaifu District municipal wells have been carried out to repair the problem, but covers exactly who should be responsible for the accident, the community is still being further verification.Well, this delineation of the responsibilities borne by whom? Hunan Huasheng Gold Jinlong lawyer lawyers believe that depending on the location and area covers preliminary judgment covers the administrator or owner, its legal liability; If you can not determine the covers of the manager or owner,ray ban sunglasses outlet, will likely bear the legal responsibility The main joint prosecution.


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