WHAT THE MOTHER FUCKING FUCK IS THIS?!????!! Tonight is just horrible and i come home and i see this!!?!
My first thought is that this whole thing was planned out. I dont think its them.
- If its someone who doesnt ship them and is just being an asshole: im gonna shoot someone.
- if its a larry shipper thinking this shit will be funny: im gonna shoot someone.
- if this is someone who just fucking hates 1d and they are being major assholes: in gonna shoot someone.
- if this is fucking real: im gonna shoot someone.
- if this really is a coincidence: im gonna crawl in the corner and cry.

Im sorry but this just seems wayyyy to planned out for me. And that doesnt help me determine if its true or not.
Just a thought - everyone thinks its really them or its one of the elounor shippers that actually are dickheads, but what if its an ex member or a present member of management who hates seeing them like this. ?
Idk just late night pissed off im exhausted and cant sleep thoughts.
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