yearofjudges answered your question: I need fashion advice. Help plz?

Your hips are AMAZING (hope that doesn’t sound creepy!), and I think dresses with tucked in waists would accentuate your shape really well!=)


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And by ‘tucked in’, I mean the kind that “fit” at the waist, have that curved shape to them, if that makes sense/helps

OMG thank you! I’m really self-conscious about them so this was really sweet to hear!!! I think I get what you’re saying, like a belted dress? :) 


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I’ve only seen her in a couple movies, but she seemed like she was so talented! )= And, aaaah, don’t get me started on the talent of Sean Bean, haha. Me and my friends have this whole convoluted inside joke where he’s basically a GOD, haha!

Ooooh gurl, I would have to agree with you and your friend’s assessment of The Mighty Bean. 

And yeah, Brittany was a very talented woman but sadly towards the end of her life, her personal choices overshadowed her career. :(


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MINT I still wish there was a spearmint shampoo or something

there is!! you can get a giant bottle for $10 at the co-op! kyle let me use some of his at White Sands this summer. It’s wicked nice. It’s body wash, shampoo and conditioner all in one and it’s biodegradable too so if you chose to, you could use it to bathe in a river/lake/whatever. That’s what Kyle, Nicole and I did =)


yearofjudges replied to your post: A message to make you smile? Okay, you have value, you are a good person. You are skilled at what you do, you put effort into what you do, and you love what you do. When you are around, everyone smiles. Never let yourself become overwhelmed by doubt or insecurity, because you have an inner strength that can overcome. Not a bad looker either.

This anon is a wise anon. =)

bwuh bwuhh <333 i miss you :C do you still want me to teach you how to sew?