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How do you make your edits? Like obviously photoshop, but how? Like where did you learn and which tutorials do you use?

Hi anon and sorry for being late with the reply!

I stared doing edits like 1,5 years ago and what i’ve learned is that there’s alot of great tutorial tumblrs out there and here’s the one i’ve bookmarked and use a lot! 













Bold is the ones i’ve been using the most! i think..

Later I’ve found an edit I liked and gotten inspiration from it to try to make something like that myself and there’s one tumblr who has amazing edits that i love and it’s babyxnanas sHE MAKES AMAZING THEMES TOO AND SHE HAS TUTORIALS ON STUFF AND IT’S AMAZING so i really recommend going to her blog and find an edit you like and try to make something like that yourself basically all my edit’s later are inspired by hers opps  but what’s important when you find inspiration from someone else is to bookmark their edit and then credit them when you upload your own edit inspired by them since they’re the reason you made that edit! DON’T FORGET TO CREDIT PEOPLE THIS IS IMPORTANT! 

If you need pictures for your edits (this depends on what fandom the edits are for) but i usually use pictures from hotdamn5sos and fivesource for my 5SOS edits! And to download a video to make gifs i usually use! 

If there’s any edit I’ve made that you can’t find a tutorial on in any of the links im more than happy to make one for you! i hope you´ll find something useful and tell me how things went or send me an ask where i try to make a tutorial for you or if you need more help! HAPPY PHOTOSHOPPING! 

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How make colors like that? theplushbear[.]tumblr[.]com/tagged/***/page/3 can you make tutorial? please

can you please specify which one of the posts do you want me to make a tutorial of? thank you

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can you make a tutorial on how to make distorted pictures like this?

tutorial will be done hopefully by tomorrow

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amore qual o nome dessa fonte? 24*media*tumblr*com/df73bdc44b88bb8f7c2bd884a2d4d83c/tumblr_mn2dnuwVGL1ry5vrio1_500*gif

its called intro and you can find it here (also i would really appreciate it if you spoke in english because i really dont understand portuguese, thank you!) 

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hello what fonts did you use in this tutorial banner /post/49578596184/how-to-load-shapes-on-photoshop? thank you!

for the ‘how to load' part i used a font called 'coffee house' and for the 'shapes' part i used ‘stripe3d’ and for the on ‘on photoshop’ part i used ‘time machine’ and for my url i used calibri :)

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Hi :) I really need your help. Whenever I click the like the "File" or "Edit" or "Image.. layer.. filter" those things, It won't directly appear, like I have to click it twice for it to work. Help? (Photoshop CS5 Extended)

could you possibly send me a screen shot of what you’re trying to do but won’t work? or maybe you should try to close photoshop then re-open it again.. :)

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How do you make a template? Mind doing a tutorial or do you know any blogs who has those tutorials? :))

i once tried creating my own template but i have to say, it was kind of hard since it needed numbers, rulers, guides and other stuff. but i THINK this tutorial might help for a start. sorry if i couldn’t help you that much but i searched for tutorials and couldn’t find any! :)