—for Tooru ; who has worked harder than anyone else in aoba johsai

Yesterday wasn’t a good day at all… 

We went to an event my sibling was participating in and every single person we came across treated my mother like absolute shit. She was in a lot of pain already, and they only made it a lot worse. I was livid. 

Please, don’t ever treat a handicapped person poorly. Ever. 

I love Thorin’s face in this shot so much I just had to paint it

“I need him”
“Yeah, i know”
You don’t understand.
He’s addicting.
That cute little smile he does, for no reason,
I’m addicted to that.
His laugh.
Like honey in my veins, I would do anything to hear it,
I’m addicted to that.
The way he breathes,
how it calms me down, or turns me on,
I’m addicted to that.
Without all these things,
What would my life be?
But a drug addict looking for the drug they need,
So baby please,
Never leave.
—  P.G (Me)

Fat jokes will never EVER be funny.

I don’t care who you are, if you make one fat joke my respect for you will immediately vanish.

Joking about someone’s appearance can seriously affect someone, especially if they’re self-conscious.

                                                         { Clark & Allison  }

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if you still played on making that Bucky ice cube charm to go with the Steve ice cube charm? Thank you!

yeah actually i have it done i just need to order it! :D

anonymous asked:

In case you haven't heard it today, you are beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and so so precious! I hope you have an outstanding day!

awwww thanks nonnie! i felt pretty alone today, no messages whatsoever, spent hours on a theme that seems to have a major mistake in it so yeah, i really needed this little encouragement, thank you :)

anonymous asked:

Are you bisexual or lesbian? You seem so much more into girls than boys?

I’m straight ha ha okay well ?? i don’t think it really matters like sure i can appreciate beautiful girls and stuff like yeah ?? i don’t see why you felt the need to ask this but yeah i’m straight okay cool

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Never co-author with someone who never reads through the stuff you send them. Because if they only skim they will miss important stuff and you'll be stuck going back fixing errors they made (that's not even talking about the easily avoided grammar errors that could be avoided if they bothering to edit their stuff before sending it) that could have easily been avoided if they had just read the stuff you sent them in the first place. It's frustrating and I think I need to stop working with her ugh

Yeah you should drop her if she isn’t going to pull her weight.