There’s a point where your desires melt away…for the selfish this is an issue…but honestly there is a point where what you wish and want, i want Her butt omg Mistress has a nice butt omg i need to…..or….look at those boots i need to do X to them…yeah do you think it??? sure but there reaches a point where if you’re Her’s in that moment or Her’s outright your mind just quiets…and the more you are Her’s the less likely you’ll say no…it just wont be in you….we submissives are extremely vulnerable….This is one of the reasons…i don’t care if you’re a muscle bound six foot something..if you’re submissive…you’re vulnerable too….This is why we trust our Dominants so much

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do you use your queue? it hasnt been working for me and im trying to figure it out but i was wondering if its been working for you

Yeah I do but am in desperate needs of more posts to queue!


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[text]: Astrid, can you come over... I think I need to tell you something. -Ollie

[text]: Yeah, I’ll be right over. Is everything okay though? -Astrid

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Sorry for all these messages, there just a lot to say! So, yet again we did have sex, and yeah eventually i enjoyed it. But, it just feels like i don't have a say. If he wants sex, we have to have it. I feel selfish when i say no. Am i in the wrong? I mean, guys have needs? Or is there a way to be like "cmon no" and get him to listen? Its like, if I'm on my period, he won't sleep with me, but he always gets me to give him oral no matter what, and sometimes I'm happy to do it, others I'm not :/ x

dude, there is seriously something really off about this. you definitely do get a say and guys have as much “needs” as anyone else in this world. just because he wants it, doesn’t mean he gets it, yeah? i think you two need to have a proper discussion about this. you should not feel selfish or guilty when saying no, and your boyfriend needs to understand that he can’t get his way all the time, this is called being highly manipulative! these things are only okay when it’s consensual, and you saying “no” doesn’t mean he can try and convince you to say yes.

Nick´s Pizza

^ Oh… now I get it

Nick:  Sticky - Nicky Pizza … Hello I can take your order?

Me: Hey there… Me again…  I need special pizza again… yeah… the # 7 again please.

Nick: YEAH… YOU… you called five times… tonight  Sure… only the # 7 right? nothing more (like is usual… for god sake)

Me: haha… yeah,,, I guess I’m really starving… yeah… mmm… that must be… YES YES!!… the # 7!!! yeah… thick crust… extra extra pepperoni… and really… really… really HOT… HOT… and if the boy comes in 40 minutes I’ll give him a bonus… (yeah bonus)

NIck: yeah sure… whatever…your order go out… now… BYE (CUT) Crazy weird…

Nick: James… You have an order with that crazy girl again… you know what… take the night free… better the week… Because at this rate I’ll never sell pizza…

I´m crazy weird… because of you… James <3

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Before this blog, I was kinda like "ughhhhh... Oiyama. Plz no." but now I'm like "fuck yeah! Oiyama! Give me more!" I need to thank you for this contribution in my life. Now have you ever considered Kuroyama or kageyama yamaguchi (whatever that ship is called). I swear. Yamaguchi is just shippable with EVERYONE and I love it.


I first got hooked on kuroyama and oiyama reading this oikuroyama smut on nsfw–hq. link here 

but i also love them as just two. 

This is where i get all my oiyama needs x i basically live on oiyama. it’s one of my altime favorite rare pairs. and probably the reason i started this blog. 

I need more Kuroyama! OOHHHh SEND IN SOME KUROYAMA PLEASE. Sometimes i forget the power of this blog. (The only popular kuroyama is an ot3 with tsukki.) i want more of just the two of them. NOt that i don’t love Tsukki but Yama is my bae and i literally ship him with everyone. 

KageTadashi. *clears throat* *starts crying* KageTadashi is such a beautiful pair you guys don’t even know. Please read this fic. This fic is all i ever need. It’s such a beautiful fic and jfc i love kages and yama they’re both my favorite and together they’re even more beautiful. not to mention all the znt aus we get cause of them 


“Were you looking for me, PD-nim?”


“Alright I’m gonna need you to say these lyrics a little bit slower, Patrick.”

“We’re going down, down…”





i spent my whole day in my kigu watching youtubers 

✨ i’m truly living the dream ✨ 

okay so just a heads up, because ive seen a ton of fics that mis-characterize tsukki to the point of rot, and im gonna try to not repeat things that other people have said but just bear with me:

  • tsukki is not cold, he is not unfriendly and he not not not bitchy
  • tsukki is jaded and distrustful and this is completely valid considering his backstory
  • tsukki wants to make friends, but he does not know how to make friends
  • everybody notices that tsukki was yamaguchi’s first friend, but nobody seems to realize that yamaguchi was tsukki’s first friend too
  • this basically tells us that up until yamaguchi, tsukki was alone (except for his brother, but we all know what happened with that), and when you’re alone, you don’t learn how to socialize. 
  • the fact that tsukki is willing to be 100% honest with yamaguchi about his opinions and feelings (even if they’re harsh) shows that he trusts yamaguchi. he allows yamaguchi to see him for who he really is, bitterness and all, because he knows yamaguchi (his only friend) won’t leave him for it. it doesn’t mean he’s mean, or abusive, or anything else. yamaguchi understands this. 
  • tsukki has also been shown complimenting and praising yamaguchi when he feels it’s deserved. This shows that he’s not just a grumpy berry and is perfectly capable of positive reinforcement, if he feels it’s been earned. And why does he need his praise to be earned? Because the last time he gave out his praise willy nilly (his brother), he discovered that everything he’d been told for years was a lie.  
  • tsukki will open up and will become friendly when he’s given enough reassurance that it’s okay. he does not come out of the box being all open and enthusiastic because he’s suffered extreme hurt in the past–hurt that only happened because he was open and enthusiastic. 
  • for proof see exhibit: Tanaka, Kageyama, Hinata and Kuroo
  • So please, fic writers, i beg of you, please stop writing this tiny, scared crow as a bitchy antisocial teenager. please realize that he’s a very multifaceted character that is very easy to misinterpret
  • thank you
I Need Your Love (1965 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, i just did what i swore i’d never do, but it’s a gift for friends, so that’s okay right, anyway, Light Dom/sub, or at least i think it’s light, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Light Bondage, it’s just probably the worst smut you’ve ever read, SO SORRY, Top Harry, Bottom Louis, so if that’s your thing, hope you enjoy this

Louis gets back from his first night publicly clubbing in LA expecting Harry to be asleep.

He isn’t.

This is my gift to all my girls: just-five-normal-lads, littlescumbags, meet-me-poolside-pumpkin, ilove1dalmation, breathing–for-this-moment, 2tiedships, ostricacida, tommosgun, and reminiscingintherain. It all started with a convo about what Louis might be like when he bottoms. I hope it helps cheer everyone up after everything yesterday 😘😘

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Ereri + “Penny for your thoughts.” perhaps? :3

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t what you had in mind when you sent in this prompt but somehow this happened, I hope you like it :3

“Penny for your thoughts?”  

Eren was pulled out of his reverie when Levi suddenly spoke up from behind him. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and they had decided they’d rather spend inside lazying around since tomorrow was a big day for Eren. They’d been watching movies for a few hours now, basking in each other’s presence, when Levi noticed that Eren kept zoning out.

“It’s nothing.” Eren tried to quickly dismiss, looking back at Levi and feeling his chest fill with warmth at the softness present in Levi’s eyes.

“Are you worried about tomorrow?” A little crease appeared in between Levi’s eyebrows and Eren knew that Levi was worrying about the next day probably more than he was.

“Maybe a little, but that wasn’t really what I was think about–” Eren trailed off and sat up to properly face Levi, he knew the conversation was far from over.

Levi sat up as well. “C'mon, what’s going on in that pretty head of yours?”

Eren knew he was trying to lighten up the mood or maybe just lift a bit of Eren’s reluctance to share with him what’s wrong.

“Well–” Eren kept trying to get the words out but they were lodged in his throat. “I– uh, well I was thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life”  

His voice was barely audible and he’d taken to staring at his hands instead of Levi as if afraid what the other’s reaction might be. Tentatively Levi reached his hands to cover Eren’s and give them a light squeeze to grab his attention, waiting patiently until Eren looked back up before replying.

“Eren.” he said slowly, eyes full of emotion. “I’m the lucky one here, you understand me? Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined someone as perfect and beautiful as you to fall in love with me.”

“But I’m–”  

“No, don’t you dare. We’re not having this conversation again.” Levi quickly cut him off know quite well what his boyfriend was about to say. “You’re my boyfriend and I know this is starting to sound like a broken record but your parts don’t define you.”

Eren’s eyes started to tear up and he looked like he was trying really hard to hold it all in so Levi threw his arms around the boy, pulling him strongly against his chest and leaning back before whispering. “What brought this on? You were so excited for tomorrow this morning.”

“I still am.” Eren said slowly, breathing heavily against Levi. “The top surgery has been my dream for ages now and it’s finally coming true.” Eren stopped and Levi nudged him weakily urging him to continue. “I’m just scared you’ll realize I’m more trouble than I’m worth and stop loving me.”

Eren started sobbing and Levi had to wonder how long had the boy been keeping all this inside. He continued to hold him close, whispering words of reassurance and comfort and waiting for Eren to calm down before he could talk.

“I was gonna wait after your surgery to do this but I guess now is as good a time as any” Levi said, slowly getting out from behind Eren and kneeling on the floor in front of him while taking out the box that he’s been keeping with him everywhere.

“Eren Jaeger, from the day I met you I knew you were going to be someone special to me. Your passion for life with that determination and stubbornness that makes me want to kill you most of the time are also the reason I fell in love. The world is big as fuck and somehow you managed to become mine, it’s obvious I didn’t prepare a speech or anything but Eren, will you marry me?” He then opened the box holding the simple platinum band and looking back at Eren who was hiding his face behind his hands and sobbing.

“Yes” Eren managed to get out in between his sobs. “Yes and a hundred times yes” Eren said before joining Levi on the floor, pulling him into a deep wet kiss full of passion before parting to look in Levi’s eyes with happy teary ones and pulling him in a hug.

“Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for you idiot?” Levi was baffled with his boyfriend, not scratch that, fiancee.

“Thank you for loving me.” Eren whispered, bringing his palm to cup Levi’s cheek and leaning in again to capture his lips in a slow loving kiss that made Levi’s heart ache fromits softness.  

He could definitely get used to this he thought as he continues to kiss Eren, happy that for now his boyfriend is happy and his dreams are slowly coming true.

  • Zeref:Natsu, I am your brother.
  • Natsu:No way!
  • Zeref:Yeah, sorry. And well... I need you to kill me with your own hands.
  • Natsu:What?
  • Zeref:Oh, and you're END btw.
  • Zeref:Oh well, Igneel was never your dad. Actually, Acnologia was our father.
  • Zeref:Oh well...