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KnB Countdown! : 12 Days Left
You know what I wanna see in this stupid show?

I want Team Free Will on a hunt together, all of them. They are staying in a motel room that has only two beds and Cas has to sleep on the floor. After Sam has fallen asleep Dean starts feeling sorry for Cas, hearing him turning and turning on the floor, not able to fall asleep. Dean get up and walks to Cas like “I can’t let you sleep on the floor. Come on, you can sleep next to me but no touching, okay?!” And they go to bed together, back to back.

After a moment Cas falls asleep and turns over, throwing his arm around Dean and Dean is like “Dude, I said no touching, get back on your side! Cas! Cas?” And then he realizes that Cas is out like a light and kinda lets it slide this one time.

In the morning when Dean wakes up Cas is still asleep next to him and Sam is already up, looking at them with a knowing smile on his face and before Dean can even say anything Sam is like “Dude, it’s okay!”

I don’t care if they made it in a “helping a bro out, no homo” way, that is just all I want to see. Dean letting Cas come that close and being okay with it, Sam showing his support, no matter if it’s any way romantic or not.


“Look kid, I’m not sure if you’re the actual person that you say that you are, or just a really damn good impersonation of him. But, I know that Sammy had faith in you for some reason…and now that he’s caught up in a very unwanted social call with your King’s crazy bitch of a sister? Yeah, I *really* don’t have the time to stand here and babble to you about what he is to me when his life is on the line.

"Look, you don’t have to go out of your way to help me, or anything. But, all I’m saying is that–well, when *you* finally find someone that you’re willing to sacrifice everyone and everything for, just to make sure that he’s all right and that he’ll make it through another day… then *maybe* you’ll finally understand why finding Sam is my top priority, Merlin.”

“…I understand you, Dean. All too well, I’m afraid. Because you see, I too, have someone that I’m willing to risk everything for. And that is why I’ll do everything within my power to help you save him.”

-SuperMerlin AU where Sam is taken captive by Morgana after both Winchesters are transported to Camelot accidentally. In desperation, Dean seeks the help from a rather unlikely source.

Your smile warmed me like the first summer sun
There’s color, where once was black and white
There’s moonbeams where where once was only night
I knew then and there you were the one

Theory about the New Character

So there have been a lot of speculations about the new character that Isayama claims holds the “key” to the story:

And I’m sure other people have stated this, but I’m thinking he’s Annie’s father.

First off, we never got to see Annie’s dad’s face. Isayama hid that from us in all of Annie’s flashbacks and I doubt it was due to laziness.

Authors always obscure a character’s face for a reason. Either Annie’s dad has already been introduced in the story and Isayama doesn’t want us to recognize him, or when he does introduce him, he doesn’t want us readers to know he’s Annie’s father.

This would be also be yet another way to bring Annie back into the story, since we know she has to come back otherwise our harsh Isayama would have just killed her rather than crystallizing her. And since Annie was a Titan shifter, obviously dude new some information at least. He definitely isn’t completely in the dark. SO having a great deal of the answers would make sense.

Now a lot of people have been saying that it’s possible that Annie has already eaten her father so that can’t be true, but I’d argue that she ate her mother, hence her father’s harsh treatment and later apology. Just a guess. Something else could be the case.

Also, though the two characters seem to have different hair styles (in the Annie flashbacks the guys has straight hair and this new picture it’s curly), Isayama has been known to…change up some hair styles in the past. Suddenly change up the hairstyle halfway through a volume. (I’m lookin’ at you, Jean. Ymir). And plus, there’s a big time skip here. Annie’s like, what, eleven in these flashbacks? This gives the dude plenty of time to make his hair nice and scruffly. Grow a beard. Let himself go. You know.

But it’s just a theory. Isayama will answer all in due time. DUE TIME JUST NEEDS TO BE FASTER. Ahem.


Nagi no Asukara episode 23/26To whom do these feelings belong

#1 Holding Hands

They don’t hold hands much.  They used to, back when they’d first gotten together.  It’d been simple and easy and they hadn’t felt they had much to hide and they’d walk around with their fingers clasped together and swing their hands back and forth and Dan’s thumb would trace up and down Phil’s knuckles and it felt nice, felt close.  But people don’t really just hold hands at random all that often.  Normally there’s a reason - we’re walking around together; I want to show that you’re mine; your hand is cold and I want to warm it up - and when you’re in a private relationship, you can’t really succumb to those sorts of desires.  Phil can’t find Dan’s hand while they’re walking on the pavement and slip their fingers together, his thin and chilled ones contrasting perfectly against Dan’s thick and warm ones.  Day and night, Yin and Yang, or something like that.  He can’t, it’s not allowed.  They’re not allowed.

But sometimes they do.

In the lift.  Sometimes Dan holds Phil’s hand in the lift because he can and he wants to touch him and he wants to stroke his fingers down his knuckles.  Sometimes it’s at the BBC, when they’re walking through the corridors, and Dan just reaches out and snatches Phil’s hand up in his own and they swing their arms back and forth where no one can see them, and where it wouldn’t even matter if anybody did.  Sometimes it’s on the couch, when Dan is spooning Phil from behind because I don’t care if you think you’re wearing the trousers in this relationship you’re still just a little spoon in trousers deal with it, and he just reaches out and finds Phil’s hand and laces their fingers together from behind and keeps them like that because he can and because the back of Phil’s hand feels cool against his palm.  

They hold hands in places and situations that many wouldn’t bother to, because they can’t do it all that often and such a simple thing as intertwined fingers is such a privilege to the both of them, so rare.  Holding hands is something they never want to live without, and it’s still special to Dan, to Phil, even after all these years.

behold !! a giveaway ! yes, a giveaway ! i’ve been meaning to do one for a while & i was going to do one when i hit my milestone, but i just got too excited & the holidays are here, so why not now ? i’m just so thankful for you guys being here & supporting me this entire time & just– thank you. i really wish i could do more than this, but this is all i can do.

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New Testament genderswapAyelet Zurer as Saint Peter Petra

Petra, he calls you, the rock on which he will build his church. You are the daughter of fishermen and the wife of a shipwright, a mender of nets and a gutter of silver-scaled fish—yet the Son of HaShem presses the keys of Heaven into your pitch-rough hands. He promises you a priesthood and a temple; he promises you a crown and a city. He looks to you with eyes full with stars, and says such infinities will be yours to command.

(You are not sure what he means you to do with them.)

I am not worthy, you finally say to him one night, when the heavens are bright and the fire is burning down to embers. Choose Johanna, she has a scholar’s mind—or Andreia, who is my blood, and first knew you for what you were. Even James has a courage and a fire that I do not. You are a poor builder, Rabboni, if you would use such shifting sand as your foundation.

Yeshua’s eyebrows lift. You walked on water at my word, he reminds you gently. You have seen me work miracles, and named me the Son of the Living God. Do you begin to doubt me now, Shimeah?

(I followed my sister, you do not say, though the words are heavy on your tongue. She came to me with wild eyes, babbling excitedly about the Messiah, one to whom the Baptist had knelt, and I followed her because she would forget even her sandals if they weren’t laced on. I left my youngest daughter to tend the fire, left my husband to his trunnels, left, left, left–I am no princess, Rabboni, no keeper of the keys, no high priest. What crown would you give to one who abandoned the children she bore, and may forsake you in turn?)

You speak nothing, throat aching. At your sides, you can feel your nails digging into your palms.

Or perhaps it is not me you doubt, he says, more quietly. Oh, Petra…Gently, the Master takes you by the wrists and uncurls your fisted hands, touching the angry red marks your nails have made. You doubt all things but me, and then call yourself unworthy to be mine.

I am only the  daughter of fishermen, you whisper. The wife of a shipwright, and I forsook my hearth to follow my sister into the wilderness. I am nothing special, nothing worthy, nothing

He looks to you with eyes full of stars, the stars he has promised to you, and something in you hungers for the strangeness and greatness of him. (You know you are not worthy of the keys of Heaven; it does not mean you cannot want them.)

Petra, he laughs, and the name sounds like a benediction. Oh Petra. What place should I build, but on the rock whose true strength is in the Lord?

merry christmas from two gay nerds 

fen is in green cos he’s the grinch shhh


Selfies with Chris Pratt

Title: lingering
Fandom/pairing: kurobas; murakiyo
Words: 3658
Summary: An utterly redundant recount of a year’s worth of texting. (And maybe someone evolves into a Boyfriend-kun.)
Notes: a kind-of sequel to in passing (reading that isn’t entirely necessary tbh)


He’d given Kiyoshi his phone number, sure, but that didn’t quite mean that Atsushi had really expected anything past a brownie recipe. Incidentally, he did make the brownies, and he’d considered hoarding them all to himself, but it was one of those things that were so good that you wanted other people to know about it. Araki was pissed off a lot when she arrived at practice to find her team stuffing their faces, but Atsushi coaxed her into eating one – with a little sweet-talk from Liu and a smile from Muro-chin – and she didn’t say anything more about it.

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it’s us against the world

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only the avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.

[O5. for a TV show]

tracklist: dementia (feat. mark hoppus) - owl cityof moons, birds, and monsters - mgmtrabbit heart (raise it up) - florence + the machine ● slow and steady - of monsters and men ● major minus - coldplay ● ordinary world - red ● broken bottles form a star (prelude) - snow patrol ● radioactive (acoustic) - imagine dragons ● fourth dimension - lights ● have you got it in you? - imogen heap ● winter bones - stars ● little shadow - the yeah yeah yeahs ● after the storm - mumford & sons ● never alone - barlowgirl