Ichabbie Meme: [3/7] Quotes


I managed to get a job at my local care home!!

i’ve never really noticed it much, but there is a huge lack of posts for aromantics on this site. so here’s to the aros:

who believe/d they were broken

who didn’t know that aromantic was even a thing

who are told they aren’t valid

who can’t distinguish platonic attraction from romantic attraction

who are romance-repulsed

who want romance but are incapable of feeling romantic attraction

who need to know someone really, really well to feel romantic attraction

who haven’t found their place on the aro spectrum just yet

you’re doing great, and you are valid

anonymous asked:

Connor tweets road trip and now Troye is in Vegas? hmmm not obvious at all boys ;)

Yeah, I love how we pretty much figured it out the moment Emma mentioned she was on the way to Vegas, and then hours later these two are only just commenting on it and we’re just sitting here like “noooo…. really??? We had no idea.”

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theme maker here. Your blog's simple but i wouldn't call it boring, and there's nothing glaringly aesthetically wrong with it. People come here for your content so I would argue that you don't even need a more ''interesting'' theme, but if you want, i suggest theme makers: itsacrimetheme or sorrism

Yeah, I figured as much. I just wanted to be hip like the young kids with their fancy blogs and themes and such. Thanks!

Basically that gifset is to show that I’m still alive, and I have a list of more gifsets I’m going to be making as I rewatch the series, and I’ve just been hanging out on my roleplay blogs a lot. I’m also going to (hopefully) answer the old messages in my inbox soon. :)

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The chick who told you to delete your blog is conservative, LGBT-phobic, and says the Baltimore Uprising has to do with black privalege. And she called you disgusting, smh. You're awesome and I'm glad you called her out on being an ass.

Yeah I pretty much figured that from her page. Thanks for the support, it means a lot.

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I could definitely read 500 installments of that skater au. it's was beautiful. ((but not gonna lie you scared me for a second there with Piper!))

Thank you, sweetheart! I’m so glad that you liked it so much! (And yeah, I figured I would scare you guys a little at least)

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yea! they should ask!

Haha, yeah i totally figured as much. but it’s not like they’re using it for commercial purposes or anything. I’m flattered that they liked it enough to make it their main pic but I’m just kind of like “awe, bummer :( I wish they had taken a few minutes to write me real quick to ask if it was cool” you know? 



trrevelyan replied to your postReal talk though, does anyone know how I could…

maybe Twitter! :o

kullenite replied to your postReal talk though, does anyone know how I could…

I would say Twitter because I see a lot of gg Art on my Twitter feed tbh

Yeah, I figured as much. I don’t use Twitter though… I do have an account but I never use it and I rather not use it for this either… It would be nice if someone else could tweet him maybe?