I got on SHIELD’s radar in a bad way. Agent Barton was sent to kill me, he made a different call.

“Would you please stop shooting at me for one damn second and listen?!”  Clint barked out, ducking around a corner as another bullet narrowly missed his face.

“Why the hell should I? You came here to kill me, that doesn’t exactly put you at the top of my christmas card list.”

“Yes I came here to kill you.  But I’m making a different call.  Look, Natalia - - Natasha…whatever you’re name is…”  The S.H.I.E.L.D agent inched towards the end of the wall he was hiding behind.  "…can I just call you Nat?“

"No.”  came the curt reply from the assassin.

“Look, Nat, you have two options right now.  You can come with me, do something better than killing scumbags for other scumbags.”  He waited.  The bullets had stopped flying.

“And if I don’t?”

“One of us leaves this building alive.  And come on, I’m too pretty to die in a shit-hole like this.”

Clint might have been hearing things but he was sure he heard a laugh from behind a concrete pillar two feet to his left.

“What’s your name?”

“Barton.  Clint Barton.”

“This job better pay well, Barton or I will put a bullet in you one day.”

When Sarada was born, Sasuke would leave for a few days (four at most) to do his missions and all of that.

Sakura would often take the little one to bed with her, because Sarada tended to cry a lot more when her papa was away. Sakura would sleep like this, and it helped Sarada sleep as well.

Sasuke would often open the window to their room and sneak in that way, and he’d always check to see if Sakura and Sarada were asleep like that. He’d change clothes and join them, waking up Sakura, in which the two would share a kiss before Sasuke would snuggle in behind her, stroking Sarada’s head and playing with her short hair.

Sakura would fall asleep again, and Sasuke would follow soon after.

how do they rise up - a mix for the stubborn bastards of treacle mine road.

01. get home - bastille
02. weighty ghost - wintersleep
03. drunken lullabies - flogging molly
04. some nights - fun.
05. team - lorde
06. the draw - bastille
07. do you hear the people sing - aaron tveit & les miserables cast
08. late march, death march - frightened rabbit
09. the minstrel boy - colm meaney
10. head full of doubt/road full of promise - the avett brothers
11. bugger off - fiddler’s green
12. cruel city - the augustines
13. the take over (we’re gonna die young) - fall out boy vs. ke$ha
14. holland road - mumford & sons
15. this is gospel - panic! at the disco
16. timshel - mumford & sons


from the moment i knew

a playlist for being ridiculously in love with your teammate who bakes and sings pop songs in the shower and changed your life for the better; (x)

overboard ingrid michaelson ; box around the sun misterwives ; catch me demi lovato ; you make me feel good maria mena ; love on top beyoncé ; more today than yesterday the spiral staircase ; you are in love taylor swift ; oceans misterwives ; lovesong adele ; the light sara bareilles