yeah chaperoning



So I woke up this morning later than I wanted to, but still too early and I went to go get my book from the high school and walked over to Kyle’s to pick up Disneyland money.  I ended up hanging out in Spurs’s class until my mom came to pick me up.  When she picked me up, we went straight to Dasha’s school, and I got the list of names of all the kiddos in my group and they went potty, and off we went.  

I was super nervous about being a chaperone!  Like, yeah I’m 18… but I’m not a real adult… I don’t know how to deal with kids…  I mean yeah, basic gist of it is don’t lose one or let one get hurt, but still!  Anyway, I was nervous so I wrote down all the kids’ names on a sticky note and taped it to my phone so that I didn’t need to take out the entire list if I forgot someone’s name.  On the bus, I had my sister tell me who’s who and I wrote lines connecting the kids’ names to who they were with on the bus.  I told you… nervous.  

When we got there, one of the museum docents called me a mom… I mean he didn’t know and it would be tedious explaining, but still.   Anyway, the other parent who was in charge of the group with me, Art, he took the kids’ lunches and stored them wherever they needed to go, and we got the groups of kids separated and with a docent and off we went.  The tour was interesting, but not that interesting.  A few facts here and there got my attention and some of the artifacts were nice to look at, but it isn’t a museum I could get lost in.  

After the museum, we went across the street to the waterfront park and had lunch and the kids played while waiting for the bus.  I want to meet the designer of that park.  Like, it was a trippy play structure.  One of the little girls (not my class) fell off this spinny thing and she ended up with a bruise on her neck and a welt on her tongue because she bit it :( The park just made me nervous, because there were 90-something kids on this field trip and just putting them all in a space with maybe 30 more kids who weren’t on the field trip just made me nervous.  

On the way back to the school, I had a big headache and I sat with Mary who was chaperoning her brother’s class!  I thought it was a funny coincidence.  When we got back to the school, I helped my sister grade some stuff and file some papers until my mom picked me up.  When I got picked up, I went and got Wings and went to the high school to order/print Disney tickets!  

When I got home, I took a much needed nap.  My eyebags were on point today.  Hahahah.  When I woke up, I ate some more chicken and cleaned my room, changed purses and now I’m writing this before I start a new book.  

I think as part of this 365 project that I intend on finishing, on whatever numbered day it is, I’ll write down that many things that made my day pretty good.

  1.  I have someplace where I am always, no matter what, welcomed to be.  
  2. My mom wasn’t super stressed out about driving back and forth a few times today, so that was pleasant.
  3. My sister was super excited for me to come with her on her field trip and introduce me to her friends.
  4. I got my exercise for the day!
  5. San Diego has little spots of serendipity.  Or at least to me.  Going through downtown-ish a bit and finding little things that made me smile was nice.
  6. Little kids are getting less and less… needy, entitled and annoying.  I feel like elementary school teachers usually baby the kids, but some of the things my sister’s teacher said today, I wish someone said to me when I was 8/9.  
  7. I finished almost all my food today.
  8. My pillow is really comfortable and my face wash makes my face very soft and a soft face with satin pillow cases is heaven when you’re sleepy.
  9. I still have a lot of Godiva hot cocoa (thanks Gi)