yeah this video took a while


I just remembered I had these since that selfie just got a new wave of notes! Figured I might as well get these offa my computer.


#Dan shows us hows its done



Credit To This Because It’s awesome and I think That’s where I got my idea actually O.o

(Artist has nearly died in creation of this)

Although Phil was the person used in this Mini Animation, I think it applies to everyone that we shouldn’t insult others when possible ^^; (I said “when possible” because sometimes we need to Okey?! Okay right I am the worst influence ever) Andddd This Gif Series took so much editing OAO Hope you enjoy and I get assignments starting next week so yeah… May NOT update for a while… (IM SORREH DX) Also im not sure yet but i PLAN to make a short Bonus part to this and a video version on Youtube -w-/ Stay tuned for updates.





favorite fics into motion ♥ things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas

There are five days left until the end of the world and Louis is throwing stones at the sun. The sun that, in less than a week, is going to consume the entire planet. The sun that is going to swallow them whole. Harry’s been trying not to think about it too much, but when he looks at it like that, he thinks that what Louis’ doing must mean something. It must mean love. It must comfort. It could mean fear, if you look close enough. Harry doesn’t want to look that close.


My Hiccup HTTYD 2 art process!

I just wanted to share my process with you guys because I don’t get to livestream due to internet connection issues. This took me around 3 hours total. I had to put the finishing touches in Photoshop. :3

ALSO, yes, I used Hope FF XIII-2 version as reference. Teehee. And yeah… I use A LOT of references. Especially this is my first time drawing this Hiccup. XD

I apologize if you get dizzy along the way. I like listening to music while I work and I change it a lot. Oopsies.

This is the finished piece!

[Go here for the better view!]

Hope you guys like this!

I also made one for Hiro!

cyberpoog asked:

Ok so I'm pretty early but I'm obsessed with episodes 51 and 52- this gem from tonights episode wasn't "corrupt". It was ESSENTIALLY the same as Lapis, except it wasn't cracked. Which means it's likely to produce an actual gem once it rests up. So could this be the threat or ally that seems to play a part in the upcoming episodes The Return and Jailbreak? Also what gem is it? Sapphire seems like the obvious choice to me, but maybe something more obscure like Kyanite or blue zircon! Thoughts?

Ah I mean, at least in my video I sort of took this gem to be more like a gem monster than a gem inside an artifact- but I can see how you’d get to that conclusion as well. The way Lapis interacted with the world around her while within the mirror felt so much less threatening than the ‘haunted lighthouse’ we saw in “Horror Club”

No yeah, no clue as to if it’s going to play a part in any future episodes- I mean we’ve never seen a gem break out of a bubble without a Crystal Gem’s help (as far as I can remember) so that’d be pretty surprising. No ideas either on the gem- it looked SIGNIFICANTLY large though, so. That’s maybe helpful to some making guesses now? IDK for someone who loves this show so much I just can’t get into gems enough to really care JUST GIVE ME MORE COOL CHARACTERS AND I’M GOOD MAN

I took a look at the list of provisioning ingredients that are about to change and noticed that I have quite a bit of stuff that won’t be worth all that much once the update 6 hits. So I decided it might be a good time to do some cooking and put those oats and peppers and such in use.

Yeah… I think these should last for a while. :P

Snotty text from friend I don’t talk to much (or anymore, now):  "Your son is sick, but you’re taking selfies?"

Yeah, he’s sleeping on the couch.  So I worked today.  I got gussied up to record the video I slated into my schedule.  In between emails and video takes, I made sure he drank water and put loads of laundry in the drier.

And while waiting for him to go to the bathroom, I took a few silly pictures of myself in the hallway.

Fuck. Off.

Shiksa Goddess (cover)
  • Shiksa Goddess (cover)
  • Me

Ok, apparently my voice recording app on my iPad saves the recordings as video files, and it wouldn’t upload as a video for reasons, and it took me a while to figure out I could just convert it to an MP3 file. Whatever. I recorded it on my iPad cause the microphone on my computer still sucks.

Anyways, this is my cover of Shiksa Goddess from TL5Y! No instrumental, obviously, because I changed the key in a weird place and if I wanted to sing along with the music, I’d have to make a whole new arrangement myself, which would be a pain in the ass and I don’t have time for that. I hope you like it!

So I’m sure by now you’ve heard the stories…. #Oscars night was a night to remember. Awards….fashion….FASHION CRITICS! One critic in particular had quite the opinion for #ZendayaColeman and her choice in hair for the evening. E! star & #FashionPolice critic #GiulianaRancic said Zendaya’s faux locs “looked like they smelled like patchouli oil & weed”!!

Needless to say, celebs such as #KellyOsbourne #KerryWashington & #Solange came in defense with quite the opinions themselves. Kelly demanded that Giuliana apologize ((which she did))…while Solange took to #Twitter saying “Yeah @fashionpolice been bashing my fro for years, @intouchweekly compared it to a dog and you know what I say?….” With a video attached of her flipping her hair. Kerry shared how proud she was of how Zendaya handled the situation with class & grace.

Miss Zendaya had a response herself….one that made quite the statement in which she eloquently dismissed the ignorant comment & praised all who wear locs despite the stereotype.

#Stand4SomethingOrFall4Anything #Zendaya #FauxLocs #HollywoodWhispers #LetHerLive

Today was a day of little victories. I finished a video game I’ve been playing on and off for three years, give or take. I chopped my vegetables with the sharp knife for the first time in a while. I took yesterday’s essay and polished it until it shone. I even found time to start reading Clariel (of which I have so much to say, but not until I’ve finished it).

Little victories, yeah, but they make a day worth the effort.

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Dear person I have a crush on,

Dear person I have a crush on,
Wow hi you’re great. I really really love you and I’m so happy we met. I’m so happy I hit on you at your friend’s party and you girlfriend (now ex) got pissed off. I’m happy that you and I just took a walk together and talked while we were playing manhunt. I’m happy I went on and on about a girl and I got your number. I’m happy you came over a few times to play video games and flirted with me (shut the fuck up if you say that wasn’t flirting). I’m happy I asked you out and you were like yeah sure sounds good. I’m just happy that everything has played out the way it has. I am so grateful to be privileged enough to call you my girlfriend.

my little cousin wouldn’t go to bed so i told her to pretend she was a youtube beauty guru making a video. she took me into the bathroom locked the door and stared into the mirror and began with “hey guys, it’s kate. so this is my bedtime routine video” then proceeded to wash her face and brush her teeth for 17 minutes (yeah i kept track of the time) while explaining her every move. she’s 8

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C, H, M, T, and U

C: I honestly have no idea. Canada sounds pretty cool, but it’s too coooold. On the flipside, I don’t think I’d like living all the way down south in areas like Florida, for example. I like warm temperatures, but not too hot- Yeah, I guess I sound picky. Bluh. I like having all the seasons, but winter is still so coooold in New Jersey. :/ Maybe just a little lower on the East coast?

H: Welp. This is a tough one. I haven’t read recreationally in a while. School work, internet, and video games kinda took the free time I would leave open for reading. I suppose Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan? I recall reading that and liking it quite a bit. Gosh, it’s been far too long. Feels like a distant memory. xD

M: Not really sure if this these are the right words that I’m using, but here we go. I’m the first generation of my family to be born in America. As in, both of my parents immigrated from the Philippines to America, and my sister and I were born and raised in ‘Murica. 

Two facts in one cause now you know my ethnicity as well. :P

T: *Slams head into keyboard* I don’t watch much TV… 

Can anime count? .——-.

Oh gosh, this is still a hard choice. I guess Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood? or maybe Simon from Gurren Lagann?? I can’t choose.

Confirmed for being the most indecisive, boring person.


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15-19 uvu

Thanks so much for the ask love :)))

15: Talk about the time you were most content in life.

I think it was just after I got my Xbox, that my friend lent me his Injustice: Gods Among Us. I just got home after school (marching band was finally over) and played it for hours until I finished. There was no one home and I think it took me like four hours (which is a miracle because I suck at video games).It’s actually the chillest and least stressed I felt in a while, because I truly concentrated in the game and I didn’t worry about anything else. (It was also when a lot of shit went down in my life.)

16: Talk about the best party you’ve ever been to.

I’ve actually never been to a real party (yeah wow a senior what a loser.) But I guess we used to have a lot of hang out in my friend’s @ofghouls-and-titans and there was this time that it was just me, someone else, and I left and we just talked and relaxed and it was real nice and that’s what I’m about chill shit. (We we just talking about how one of our friends was a shithead.)

17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with.

Um, I’m not sure, I want to be friends with lots of people. There’s a lot of people I admired for a long time on here that we may have acknowledge each other but never really went beyond that and I think a lot about following up on that but I’m not great with people and small conversations. 

18: Talk about something that happened in elementary school.

I remembered this really fucking dramatic moment where this kid asked if he wanted to borrow my crayons and I said no (I was really fucking nice but I was feed up with everyone taking advantage of me and breaking mine and stealing them.) So he looked and me and was like “what happened to the old nico?” and I said “she’s gone. she was killed.” And that’s still one of the most intense moments of my fucking life. I was fucking eight.

19: Talk about something that happened in middle school.

Once I thought a project was due so I ran back home to do it and came in late and I found out the teacher fucking delayed the deadline. Middle school was fucking disgusting I hated it, it was the worst years of my fucking life everyone was horrible. 

woke up at 11 and i ate a cookie and had coffee for breakfast/brunch? so sad. i finished writing my social psyc paper. it’s beautiful. becky came over later and she read it over and said she could hardly tell i made up the whole thing. i should really consider doing creative writing ha. i tried to study cse for a bit but after a while i started to get a headache so i took a tylenol. becky and i went out for dinner after at islands which was pretty good. the burger was nice. we went on a quick grocery trip so i could grab some ice cream and milk. we went back to my place and

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*uses a random number generator bc i'm lazy as hell* 83, 49, 21, 57, 60

21. Have you ever been to the hospital?

When I was around 10, a friend and I went to go play on a construction site. We were throwing rocks over this hill and he tossed one from the other side and I took a nasty hit by my upper right eyebrow. Got surgery for that and yeah that’s the story.

49. Are you an innie or an outie?

Innie, why is this even a question?

57. How long does it take for you to get ready?

I can usually get ready in about 5 minutes or less, unless I haven’t showered, then it could take a while.

60. Do you talk to yourself?

I make gaming commentary videos where I talk to myself, of course I do.

83. How fast can you run?

I don’t now. Like regular speed?

Dangan Roosters: MEANWHILE-Fanfiction

Summary:Ever wondered what everyone was doing during those awkward time skips? Ever wondered what would happen if we didn’t write something they way we did? Ever wondered exactly what was being said during the murders? Your prayers are now answered with Dangan Roosters: MEANWHILE. This will be a series of stories and alternate situations that took place during The Office Life of Mutual Killing.


Word Count:1,188

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