yeah i ship it

*Sees someone say togafuka is canon*

*Sees same person say that toukomaru is wrong and you shouldn’t ship it*

Me: Togami verbally abused Fukawa in canon and constantly rejected her advancements on him and made CLEARLY OBVIOUS that he didn’t like her in the least, nor cared about her. Just because he gave her praise that one time doesn’t mean anything.

Me: Komaru actually cared for Fukawa enough to want to stay by her side despite Fukawa’s ulterior motives to save Togami. Eventually even Fukawa began to like Komaru as well in canon.

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I feel like the book has pretty much confirmed that they're not together, like they can't come out before the book because it will cause too much of a shitstorm for the book to be taken seriously, unless they do it now which is v unlikely, and they obviously aren't going to come out in the book bc of that description and they can't come out after because they won't want to publish their book as a huge lie about their relationship and now I'm really sad bc I just wanted them to be together :(((

yeah, i can slowly feel the ship crumbling and ://////

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hi waen! just out of curiousity, i know u ship ghg and gintsu, but do you have any other gintama ships? :-0 (also seconding that anon about the art requests haha i love everything u do ;;; )

Oh yeah, a bunch of them. I’m very open to ships and there are just a few that I don’t ship at all. Relationships between parental figures and their child, between family dynamics and incest stuff is just a really big nah. burn GinGura

 The thing about Gintama is that the relationships, (especially with Gintoki) are all very special and a lot of them can be interpreted as romantic if you put your ship goggles on and try hard enough. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  for example: 

  • Zura&Gintoki the “classic childhood friend story but with a lot of understanding and angst and a whole movie” ship
  • Hasegawa&Gintoki the “you ruined my life but I still love you” ship
  • Gintoki&Sakamoto the “you’re my space anchor” ship
  • Mutsu&Sakamoto the “she doesn’t deserve this but i like them” ship
  • Takasugi&Zura the “wow what a bunch of angst who thought of this” ship
  • Takasugi&Gintoki the other “wow what a bunch of angst who thought of this” ship
  • Kagura&Sougo the “actually Kagura never showed signs of liking sougo and this makes me happy” ship

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I 100% agree with the shipping real people thing because I get shipped with someone I know and yeah it used be cute and stuff, but now it just makes me feel awkward. Please don't ship real people whether you know them or not!

me too lmao its awful

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I ship wanda and vision cause 1) they're adorable as heck and 2) they're extremely canon in the comic books (actually getting married and all that jazz). I dunno they give me extreme butterflies in aou

oooh I didn’t know they were canon in the comics! See my brother is really into the comics, but I’m not…I’m not against them, I just haven’t gotten there. But yeah!! Ship the thing! :D

I got tagged by queen-rivaere (and by the way, thank you because it was the break i just needed!)

Choose five of your otps (any series) without looking at the questions. First answer the questions with the corresponding ship and tag ten people. 

Let’s do it!

  1. Riren/Rivaere (snk)
  2. R27 (Khr)
  3. Kagehina (Haikyuu!!)
  4. Iwaoi (Haikyuu!!)
  5. Happiness/Kaneki (with happiness on top) (Tokyo Ghoul)

1. Do you remember the episode you started shipping 5?

Yeah, it was the first episode and I shipped it hard.

2. Have you read fan fiction about 2 ?

Indeed, I’ve written some too.

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your icon/background?

Nah, I avoid having kissing boyfriends as my background since I’ve never found the perfect picture. Also, coming from an anti-anime family and having forgotten to lock my phone, it would be a daring move.

4. If three was to suddenly break up what would be your reaction?

It never happened. Seriously though, I’d go and ask them if they are alright. They are always together and then break up? It’d have to be something big to make it happen. 

5. Why is one so important?

Cuz it’s a complex ship. And as such, it makes people write or create beautiful art. Also, best porn

6. Is 4 a serious ship or a funny ship ?

Some days, it’s a serious ship, like tears falling and fist clenching because they are so in love. And some other days, it’s more of a funny ship. 

7. Out of all the ships which has the most chemistry?

I guess Kagehina. They were already fascinated with each other when they were opponents. 

8. Out of all the ships which has the strongest bond? 

What’s with this question? It’s so hard!!! Like, Iwaoi and Kagehina have a really deep (and brotherly for the Iwaoi) bond. But on another side, Riren and R27 have a “I’ll die for you/kill for you” bond and you can’t underestimate that. 

9. How many times have you read/watched 2’s fandom?

I don’t understand, by read/watched a fandom, does that mean the series? If it’s that, then once for the anime. Three for the manga.

10. Which ship has lasted longer?

Once an OTP, always an OTP. But I guess R27 is the oldest, since it was my very first OTP (and fandom). 

11. How many times, if ever have 5 broken up?

Alas, they never were together. But I won’t lose hope. (Though the future seems very bleak)

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse which ship would make it out alive?

The riren ship would sail and live without any problem. With the R27 close second. The rest, well… RIP.

13. Did 4 have to hide their relationship for any reason ?

I guess Iwaizumi would have wanted to hide their relationship because he wouldn’t want to deal with Oikawa’s fangirls. And that Oikawa wouldn’t give a flying shit about it.

14. Is five still together?

I’m not crying.

15. Is one canon?

If it’s a brotp, then yeah.

16. If all five ships were put into a couples hunger games which couple do you think will win?

Once again, it’d be an almost draw between the rivaere and the R27. But if Eren changed into a titan, it’d be their win, no doubts about that.

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage 5’s relationship?

Yes, he’s called Ishida Sui.

18. Which ship do you defend to death and beyond?

Uhh… All of them? They are my OTP for something, no? But I guess it’d be the riren ship. 

19. Have you ever spent hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?


20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you had to pick one of the ships to break up for good which would sink?

Mmm, maybe the Happiness-Kaneki, since the mangaka seems so taken with destroying any chance at happiness the poor boy could have.

And now, because I’m an old woman at heart and that I don’t have that much mutuals, let’s tag what little people I know: le-rire-des-etoiles, levis-diddly-dong and i-read-too-many-fanfics.

“No, you can’t kill yourself,” I say. I’m on my knees, desperately plastering the bandage back onto his wound. 
“Katniss,” he says. “It’s what I want.”
“You’re not leaving me here alone,” I say. Because if he dies, I’ll never go home, not really. 

Because there are assholes about I’m gonna be the happiest, most positive annoying little Caryler ever.  It’s time to fill up the tag with the CARYL HUG again. 

Anyone want to see this beautiful example of true, unconditional love again?  Just say yes and I’ll do it.. cause I can never stop talking about it. I don’t hear any objections? 

Okay then…

You asked for it…

His face looks like the face of a puppy whose master has been gone for 3 weeks..  He could not have looked more surprised.. more ridiculously happy than if he was a kid and saw Santa Claus in his living room. Or a unicorn. Galloping across a field of flowers with a rainbow trailing behind it..


Nearly tackling the woman to ground in his PURE JOY to see her again. Remember when some people said that would NEVER happen. Well it did. And it remains to this day, Daryl’s ONLY run and hug. 

And here’s the lifting, twirling, thrusting mess of a beautiful hug.. complete with a lady leg lift and  a hair stroke and heavy breathing. And this lasted for a FULL minute folks. Tell me again how she’s no more important than anyone else. I’d love to hear it. But I can’t over my flailing of this AWESOMENESS. 

I men dosen’t that make so happy, I mean looking how tight he’s hugging her. And she’s LOVING it. 

And lets take a good look at each others lovely lips, because they so want to kiss to each other but.. ahem there are other people here… and they’d be like ‘get a damn room will ya?’ 

And he he starts blubbering like a happy lovesick little puppy and nuzzles her shoulder in the most inttimate way possible. Yup just a friend or family member.I mean my brother and my male friends do this all the time..  *sarcasm alert*  

And holy effin hell I think Sanja was right there is a forhead touch but the cameraman appartently thought we wanted to see Rick in full cock-block mode  rather than Carol and Daryl’s faces mere inches apart. So.. so close…  DAMN YOU CAMERAMAN. 

And lets get a look again.. (because I can’t get enough of this) at the full close up of Daryl’s ‘stupidly in love’ face with that lovely intake of breath as they stare into  each other’s eyes.

On repeat.. I could watch this for hours on end… and sometimes maybe I do…

Ladies and gents… I rest my case.. these two dorks are in stupidly in love. and I will never stop shipping the hell out of it..NEVER

So there you are folks another happy, shippy, sickeningly positive look at the hug to end all  hugs. Hope ya’ll enjoy and feel free to scatter it through the tags and annoy  as many people as possible.  You have my complete permission :D


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