I’m surprised I still have/gain followers, I apologize in advance for my dull life, I am not the spunky, carefree, breeze in the wind kind of girl I used to be. Yes, I’ve settled down in the old prairie with my other half living out the rest of our days on the farm, feeding cows and picking up horse doo-doo. Behold my luxurious lifestyle….no but seriously we stay home, play video games and eat/sleep/eat/game/eat….Yea I party too much, I need an intervention because my life is spiraling into a deep black glitter filled hole.

Anyway enjoy this collection of half witted posts, pictures and the occasional rambles I call my tumblr. 

[insert old pic of when I was tolerable to look at]

I love Tumblr because whenever I DON’T like something, or if I haven’t reblogged something for several days people are like - ” where’ve you been? we’ve missed you! are you okay?”; compared to Facebook telling me to stop liking something because I’m spamming their news-feed and they could care less about what I fancy at 9pm on a Monday. O_______O #thingsjustgotlegit
—  mah awesome mind yah you know ─‿‿─