CLICK AND DRAG (it looks cooler over dark backgrounds :O)

this is the first piece of fanart i actually put EFFORT into, it’s still not too amazing but ehhh 8D (but i’m hoping for like 20 notes ^w^ well holy shit 100+ is fine with me too) and they’re just…randomly floating? yay uncreative poses

i must go rest my eyes now

Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown Day 2: Favorite Villain 

"Oh, she was really scared. It’s classic. Have you got any more friends I can play with?"

Okay but people rag on this ship all the time and I really don’t understand why I mean it’s such a great couple like they’re interracial and interspecies and they fit together so well and compliment each other and respect each other so much and and hold each others’ intellect and competence in such high regard as opposed to being superficial??? and also actually care about each other so much but are always confident in the other’s abilities and support each other and are so utterly badass and fabulous and it works as such a great tool for character development for both of them  and as an added bonus hella strong eyebrow game and fabulousness and a;lsdkgjsldkfg sorry ignore me I just really like this ship

(also, give me academy era dorky adorable falling-in-love-ness or give me death)

hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of

i haven’t made one of these since like december and since then i’ve made like 700 new friends and i love u all so much u dont even know so here u go the new 2014 follow forever from moi


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band + extra cowboys

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