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Hi yeahps,
I’ve downloaded Photoshop cs6 2 weeks ago and I’ve already done a lot of edits, I learn quickly and I love it. Now I want to start making gifs, but every time I try to import a video it says that DynamicLink is not available. I searched on the internet but I can’t really find anything. I saw that other people have this problem, but all the solutions didn’t help me at all or were too complicated to follow even because English isn’t my first language (so sorry if it’s bad).
So, do you know how can I resolve this problem? I’ve tried to download QuickTime and to restart my PC and Photoshop a lot of time, but after all the problem persist.
COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME? I really want to be able to make gifs.

Anyway I love your blog and it helped me a lot since now, thank you so much.