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dash do u even understand the amount of potential disaster u have created with that mermaid au because the bae is a fish aND a cat AT THE SAME TIME what if she gets hungry jfc that disaster child would definitely end up staring at her tail and considering the pros and cons of eating it

no but u dont understand

blake a catfish


she just has ears as decoration but she wont eat herself dont worr y

[FANCAFE/TRANS] It's midwinter~~~ (Seungyoun)

Hello~ Hello~~ Hello oh oh oh oh~ (what song could this be?)
It’s Seungyoun! After a long time, I’m seeing you again.
For not writing until now, I’m sorry!!ㅠㅠ

Because It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote something, I’ve thought about what to write and now that I’m in front of the computer I keep on typing. Hahaha

Yesterday, we played snowball fight with our company(yh family)!
Even though my hands were really cold! It felt like going back to elementary days, I liked it ㅎㅎ
Ah, right! I realized this because I’m talking about snow! Be careful with icy roads!
When walking on icy road, even if your hands are cold, please be patient and walk safely.
If you slip, it’ll be a big trouble…. It’s painful, really!! (be careful, again, be careful!!)

Also, I’ve been wanting to see the snow and now that I saw it already, I’m really happy! (Lalalalalalla~)

These days, I’ve been writing lyrics~~ㅎㅎ (You know what I mean by these words right~?)


After leaving a few hints, I’ll go now hahahahaha
Everyone, I love you~~ Don’t get hurt, eat well and be healthy~
Saranghabnidei~ (I love you)



This is my dad’s memorial bench. We put it here back in 2003 when I was 12, my mom, my aunt, my uncle, my mom and i wrote goodbye notes for my dad that we put under the base of the bench itself. It has lichen and moss on it now and I think its lovely

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I think the thing that irks me the most is that the fandom are so quick to scream, "OMFG LESBIANS" or "they are so bi" or what ever political statement they are trying to make about the korrasami paring. To me, all I see is two best friends going on a vaca after dealing with some serious shit. I have NO problem with the ending (maybe a little because of my makorra heart), but I wanted some closure, or a hint of it with Mako and Korra, to be shown, a kiss or a hug, anything!

This isn’t about shipping though, I don’t care about Korrasami I really don’t, I care about what happened to these characters and how they were giving the biggest f-you in the face by their own creators. Why can’t people see this.