these went over well last time so here we go again :)

this run is preceded by poses such as “ i’m a nike ad ”
“Let’s see how much i can twist my body in order to make me look smaller”
“If i throw my hips back i can have a thigh gap”
“ yoga is great ”

and pretty much all the pictures boast my bewildered “what face do i make if i dont smile” face :’)

brb 5k

did my English literature poetry exam this morning and it couldn’t have possibly gone any better, I’m literally so happy wtf and now I’m in bed watching anime because I’m bunking school for the rest of the day and it’s half term, life is great



1. Send an email to

2. INCLUDE in the email:

       -what kind of commission you want

      -A character reference (give me their bio too, so I have a general idea). And if you have a reference sheet of them, send them away! (if it’s fan art of something or YouTubers, please tell me what/who it is and what they are from and I’ll look it up) and how many characters in the picture too (max is 4).

     -Tell me what poses you want (if needed)

     -Your Tumblr URL and/or devaintART

3. Wait patiently to have me respond and accept. Then I’ll get to work. I’ll send you the sketch and if you are satisfied, I will continue. Again please be patient!

4. Make payments to my Paypal Here is an tutorial on how to make a payment on paypal (x)

5. I’ll then send you the finished product via email. I will also ask you if I can post it on my Tumblr and/or dA. If you don’t want that, that is totally fine with me!


-Tell me the name of the game

-Link your YouTube Channel

-And your persona/mascot reference (if you want I can have them dressed up like the character you are playing in the game)

WITH ANIMATRONICS! I DON’T DRAW ANIMAL ANIMATRONICS BECAUSE OF hint hint animals. But if you want I can draw them as a human/animal hybrid! (ears and tail)

So basically what it says up top. I’m a transmale (FTM) that is need of male clothing. Like the style I want is almost literally not what I see in stores. Most of clothing I want is what I see on online stores. And sometimes it’s higher. Clothing isn’t cheap these days -.-”

And I also in need of own money cause I hate borrowing money from people to be able get the stuff I want. And DON’T tell me to get a job. I mean I want a job but at the moment I have a few problems. Some are personal. Plus I hear it’s hard enough APPLYING for a job! So yeah.

Sorry about the prices. IDK how to do this. It’s my first time opening commissions. Especially on the full coloring ones. But do you know how long it takes to make a full colored? A long time! and especially the full body ones, since I’m still learning how to draw full bodies -.-”