More doodlins. First one’s a continuation of this idea. Dipper and Stan do not approve. In love with the idea of Bill trolling them while Mabel remains oblivious. But later she catches him mackin on a photo in the Mystery Shack. For the first time she considers the idea that he might be a little… eccentric. He won’t tell her whose photo it was. Plus some more Billy haunting Gideon in jail.

Dippica fanart based on khozen’s College au idea. Also a color experiment that went pretty well I think!

Basically Dipper and Pacifica end up going to the same college. Dipper’s a history major and Pacifica’s like, business or something, with a minor in history. They bump into each other at a party and Pacifica’s who’s still a freshman working her way up the popularity ladder find’s Dipper’s presence oddly reassuring. They end up kind of becoming friends and then… maybe something more? I wrote this stupid drabble to along with this but it got a tiny bit long, so maybe I’ll post later.

 I colored this in over a month ago for the artist switch around meme. It was sketched by Carina, and inked by Travis. I was super excited to color in Carina’s drawing since they’re so nice~ and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Planned on posting this with all our pieces together, but someone won’t get a move on it, so imma just upload this now, before the year’s done. Haha.


Controlling the Sun and Moon, 2005-2013

So, going through old art is a journey of embarrassment and hilarity. So yeah, I drew that thing on the left when I was 15 for one of my more dedicated deviantart watchers. (I don’t know how I even had one of those.)

I was fan of the gussian blur filter back then and uh, yeah. The one on the right is something I drew maybe 2 or so weeks ago, and I was sitting on it because I’m still not happy with it. But I finished up right now before even that got too old.