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I made a request so time ago, but I dont know if you read it. In the movie 40yo virgin 'andy' calls 'Trish' but he gets nervous and and trish thinks ihe's a telemarketer, and she says "Hey, why don't you just,you know,get a knife and run into it?" could be fun to add jill doing it. :). take care.

Aw sorry I don’t think I got it. Ha I love that idea, and I love that movie. I’ve downloaded the movie.. twice actually the first didn’t work haha. And I’ll make it now for you :).

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yo también fui a verla, fue lo mejor. Aunque no sé si te pasó pero las 2 primeras películas no estaban en el ratio alargado, como en la 3. Eso no me gustó pero no importa fue padre.

De hecho con todas las películas me paso D: (maldito cinemex chafa) hasta con la 3 pero no se notaba tanto como en las primeras 2, y si fue un poco molesto pero dIOS LOS SONIDOS LA MÚSICA, TODO. Se sintió maravilloso verlo en el cine C”: y valió la pena lo que sufrí uwu

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:O que mal, ah también había algo de malo como los frames porque cuando pasaba algo muy rápido se veian asi como lag pero sii, el sonido fue lo mejor, escuchar en los asientos el correr de los evas y la música en las peleas y eso fue lo mejooooor

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y yo no había desayunado tampoco y ni pude comer más que un hot dog entre la 1 y la 2 al final tenia mucha sed y hambre. Deberían dejar llevar un kit de supervivencia porque los precios de cinemex están por los cielos!!!

Yo el maldito crepe lo comí durante la 2da pelicula (porque los pen…sativos del cinemex se lo dieron a otra persona ajaja) y me hizo daño OTL (recordatorio: nunca comer crepes en cinemex Dx) (… y tan caro que me salio ugh).

Lo de los frames lo note hasta que volví del cine porque el flashback de shinji siendo abandonado no se vio (mi pobre niño :’c), pero lo que me dio mucha risa es que yo no sabia que en la 3era pelicula Mari cantaba en el fondo jajaja, lo note hasta que estuve en el cine :p

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“i always look like a divorced dad who has gone through depression and alcoholism and its being exploited by his ex wife” you made me laughed so hard!!! plus I can relate (u_u).

the struggle continues


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hey there, so I have one question I see this nakata x one piece stuff, what kind of collaboration is it? an intro? if so I'll die. BTW you notice how much nakata looks like sanji? I think =P.

LOL! Well, it wasn’t an intro, but rather a theme song for a One Piece exhibition called “Panoramic Experience" (it’s so good~please listen to it if you haven’t!) 

YES!!♥ I’ve noticed that~~it’s such a cute coincidence! x)


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omg before reading your tag I was going to say, that’s evangelion!! hahaha. You should really.

i always wanted to but i never made the time to actually sit and watch it,there’s series that one just cant go and start watching them on their spare time because they’re complex and deep and dense and you have to really watch them and its like an effort oh man


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I’ve watched it at least 80 times by now

someone should gif the living shit out of that clip,its awesome <3


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oh yes! space tv, it’s really cute clip =P

This makes me wonder what Kyary would be like if she became mainstream on the United States,idk why


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I’ve been looking for the japanese lyrics ever since I heard HATE and can’t find them. Bet there must be someone… but who knows.

i’ve seen only some translation made by my furendo Sean but nothing else and i cant believe more people arent translating their stuff, i mean they *are* getting popular,they should have more translations since the lyrics seem to be like 70% of the fun in their songs ugh

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"gif well made" now that i think about it dunn if you were being sarcastic or really interested in why it looks good xD either whore I mean way. They are against a green screen =D

no,i was actually impressed someone can crop so perfectly a gif and insert them into that that background when i still dont know how to make gifs and my masking skills suck

But the green screen might make things easier,have them against a plain colour always help with masking (i still dont understand how do people create moving masks omfg)