I am finally done with this! 3 weeks and it is done! This is the longest thing I’ve ever written. Sorry for the mistakes, but Someone kept bothering me. So, without further ado, the Chemistry Partners Au.

Nico was actually excited for Chemistry class. He enjoyed seeing how different chemicals mixed together and what to look for, along with the fact that a single slip up could end up in an explosion

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#LadyHades wig test! 💀💙 This looks super creepy right now because of the no makeup/demon eyes combination but I’m super happy with how the wig turned out! 🎊🎉 Never thought I’d be able to do these gravity defying spikes with just hairspray and teasing! #WonderCon #wigs #ArdaWigs #suzi #genderbend #disney Also FUN FACT: I a basically inept at putting in and taking out contacts and usually make someone else do it for me. (Usually @chrisvillain or @bdprods. Lol) 😘 Proudfully and painfully got these in and out myself! 😭😂😁 #yayme

Who held crow pose in yoga for the very first time tonight?????

Just wanted to brag a bit :) 

I’m doing a lot better, and I cannot even tell you how much all of the support I received here last night meant to me. It helped so much and I am truly grateful. I will try to answer as many questions as I can tonight but I also have a bit of a side project that demands my attention as well. 

Since the college semester got out a couple weeks ago I’ve been seriously short on cash, and with since I don’t want to end up like ^ that guy up there, I’ve been searching for a job but without much success. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUFzV3Mpzfw

However that changed today when I got accepted to a job in my field that I’m really excited about! It’s helping make specialty tools for firefighters and people working with gas and utility lines, so it’s pretty neat. So if all goes well this will be me in two weeks time! 

Ahhh sweet wampum!!! ….Aaaand that’s about all… I’ve been sick, busy, and lazy so there hasn’t been much art updates lately to which I apologise. More is coming I promise. Anywho, Kirk out!

I’ve been reading A LOT lately about what it really means to “live in the moment” and I’m starting to understand it. I finally found a handful of books that made the concept “click”. Today, I took (what I consider to be) a HUGE step. Something that will potentially complicate my life or might even SAVE it. #proud #bigstep #overcoming #obstacle #yayme #IDidIt #LifeIsAboutToChange #MovingForward #Mindfulness #LiveInTheNow

I’ve been patient for a long time, and everything is finally starting to paying off! I’m now faced with a life full of amazing opportunity to further my personal life and my career! And I’m thankful for everyone who’s stuck with me through all the bitching I’ve done haha #nopainnogain #finally #newjob #newlife #neweverything #fullofpossibilities #couldntbehappier #fuckingexcited #yyc #nomorecomplaints #happyhappyhappy #yayme