This or That

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Physical book or e-book? Ebooks, just because I can read them pretty much anywhere, and overhighlight quotes that I like

Audio or book in hand? Book in hand. I feel like audiobooks influence my opinion of the book too much, like the way it’s read and everything. I couldn’t even get through the audiobook for cruel beauty but when I switched to the print version i ended up loving it so much more

Paperback or hardcover? Hardcover. I always get so afraid to bend the cover of a paperback bc after that it sticks up and I can’t get it back to normal and it bothers me so much. Hardcovers have like book armor so it’s all good

Adult or Young Adult? I don’t really read adult books? I guess I just love young adult too much, I’ve never even read new adult

Series or standalone? Probably series bc the author has more time to focus on character development. And freak us out with cliffhangers :o Also if I’ve stuck with a series for a long time and patiently wait each year for a new book to come out, I’ll be more attached to it and the last book will feel like the end of an era

Dog ears or bookmarks? Bookmarks? kinda. I mainly just use the cover flap if it’s a hardcover and I only dog ear with my own copies of books (sometimes), so not very often

Breaking the spine or barely opening the book? If it looks new, then I barely open it

Borrow or buy? Borrow. I used to buy books more often, but now I feel like if I start again I’m just gonna go on a book buying binge and never stop

Bookstore or online? Bookstore. I’m pretty sure all of my books are from Barnes and Noble and whenever I go there I always end up spending hours roaming the young adult section

Fiction or non-fiction? FICTION

Fantasy world or real life issues? Definitely fantasy. I can’t believe the last time I read a book about real life issues was almost a year ago, but I do love my make believe worlds

Kindle, iPad, or other? iPad

Monster read or short & sweet? Idkkk not too long but also not too short either. Maybe not like a 700+ page book bc then I’d get too distracted. If it’s too short then I would want more to the story, so somewhere in the middle I guess

Starry-eyed romance or full of action? BOTH. You can’t have one without the other

Curl up in a Snuggie or bathe in the sun? I’m not sure how comfortable I would be in either situation tbh. Probably curl up in a snuggie though

Read the review or decide for yourself? I mostly rely on reviews from people who like the same books as me, but if there’s a really interesting premise and the ratings aren’t terrible, then I’ll give it a shot

Zombies or unicorns? I have yet to read a zombie or unicorn book (unless you count harry potter but there was only like one unicorn) so I’m gonna have to go with unicorns. Kinda wanna read a unicorn love story idk man

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