Hello everyone! 

So yesterday I attempted cake making for the first time ever. That picture up there is how it turned out! Hahahahah I was pretty reluctant to post a picture because as you can see, it’s not exactly looking very appealing. Why is there only half the cake you ask? That’s because while transferring it, my mum carried it the wrong way and it crumbled into two. 

So the process started out fine. We got the ingredients and everything and I did take pictures but halfway through I stopped because it honestly was getting too messy. I made the cake with my little sister so obviously, there was quite a lot of screaming, and lots of ingredients ended up on the floor or table.

Then came the creaming. We did that quite well actually to be honest. Then we put in the eggs and mixed it more. That was a huuuuuge mistake because the butter ended up melting waaay too much and the mixture became oily { ugh ew }

It turned out to be alright and so we popped it into the oven after adding the flour and folding. Hahahah but it was long after the cake had been put in that we realised we forgot to put in the vanilla extract!

In the end, the cake ended up tasting quite good actually and it was a pretty fun experience altogether! As you can see though, I don’t seem to be very skilled at it but the process is good fun so I might try my hand at making something again. Perhaps an apple pie? I don’t know. What do you reckon?

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures in cake making! Hahahah if you guys have baked or made anything in the last couple of days, go ahead and share them with me! I’d love to see them! And do tell me if you enjoy these kind of posts so that I can do more of these or if you have any suggestion, go ahead and drop me a message here!

See ya~


Face mask thingys

Er yay?! I made another thing?! so yeah making a skin didn’t go as planned and apparently you can’t make a default replacement with Sims 4 Studio. Whatever. I’m not super happy with it, but I am at the same time. My original texture just got destroyed running it through so many damn times. 

Anyways here’s a skin overlay thing, you can find it in face details with a stupid durpy custom thumbnail so it’s presence is obvious. Let me know if you love it/ hate it. Hopefully with the help of other simmers I’ll be posting a skin tone replacement of this (a more high res version) this week? 

Download: Dropbox

Finally,I can say it. I’VE GOT A JOB!

Today was actually my first day! I’ve never been this tired before but i’m super happy.I’ll be working for Kiko Milano the next few months so i’m going to sell make up and beauty products AND also buy a lot of it too lol Best early birthday present ever! 

Today, Jared Paul came to our class to give us a workshop on slam poetry. Then, we had the rest of class outside in a garden behind our school’s longhouse. After class, I bought super fancy cigarettes and then sang along with a man who was busking outside of the smoke shop. I went grocery shopping and carried about 25 pounds worth of groceries on the bus/to my apartment all by myself, cleaned out the fridge and then cleaned my room. This is what it means to be mentally healthy. I feel elated joy in doing these activities because compared to being down, this simple motivation is devine. It’s brilliantly sunny and warm today, and I feel so, so good.

anonymous asked:

Omg someone else who gets why it's really nice to make food for other people. Yay! I think that little things like making your significant other's lunch or folding their laundry from time to time is a good way to show you care.

Hahaha I get sure pleasure out of making meals for Kub (and other people), it’s always my first thought – “have you eaten, can I feed you?!” I have always(!) loved food and putting a meal in front of someone to enjoy.
I like to look after my Kub, I like to make his life a little easier. I do all our washing/folding, cleaning, shopping and tidying of the house. I don’t mind doing it!

So I got 100+ followers last week *v* Wanted to make a thing but I’ve been buried in schoolwork. But dang I was so surprised (I’m still surprised) at the number of new followers I got recently. Thanks a bunch!!