The Musketeers are famous for their swordplay. Given that most British actors get at least some sword training in their studies, did Charles already know how to work with a bladed weapon?

“Nowhere near as much as now,” the actor replies, “but I was trained at the Drama Centre London and I did a little bit there, and I also worked at the Royal Shakespeare Company, and we did a lot there, too. So I’ve done a little, but never really in a combative way, where you’re having full-on fights. On the set of THE MUSKETEERS, although it was rehearsed and it was structured, we were fighting. It was real. If you missed one of your moves, you were going to get hit with a sword, and sometimes people did. So it was real. I’ve also dabbled in martial arts in the past, so I can handle myself quite naturally, so that lends itself to Porthos a lot.”

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