BGC Girls Natalie, Sarah, and Judi remake Beyonce’s 7/11


so yeah, let’s remember the first season together!
join us to the “season one appreciation week”, starting this monday, and share with us your gorgeous edits and gifs :)
these are the prompts for the week: 

  • day 1: favorite episode
  • day 2: favorite male character 
  • day 3: favorite female character
  • day 4: favorite quote
  • day 5: favorite walker kill 
  • day 6: favorite relationship
  • day 7: favorite scene

it will be from january 26th to february 2th
make sure you tag your stuff (picspams, graphics, gifs, etc) with #twdsap
spread the word and have fun!

  Ryuko and Senketsu + T V  T R O P E S