FN 30-11

A very rare bolt-action sniper rifle from Belgium, the FN 30-11 is chambered in 7.62x51/.308. It uses a Mauser action for its base but also incorporates the FN MAG (M240) flash hider and bipod. There were two models imported into the U.S; one with a fixed internal 5 round magazine, and one that would accept FN FAL magazines. The exact number brought into the U.S in unclear; GSI, one of the importers mentions bringing in only 51 of the rifles, although Sarco also imported the FN 30-11 but from Chile. (GRH)


So I haven’t watched Fairly Odd Parents in years. In fact, I’ve barely thought about the show in years….but apparently it’s still going on. Will they ever end it? Who knows. But if they don’t end it with a scene where Timmy wishes that Mr. Crocker would remember Cosmo and Wanda and there’s this really heartwarming reunion and Crocker says something about how he never stopped believing in them and for a moment, he has his fairies back but then they admit that they have another godkid now and Crocker asks who it is and they tell him that it’s Timmy and Crocker’s just like, “Wow….that explains a lot.” and then he admits that Timmy needs them way more than he does (“Have you seen his grades? And those teeth!?”) and Cosmo and Wanda fly back over to Timmy and hug him and Crocker happily looks on and says, “Timmy Turner, you get an A.” then what is the point!?

The Waitress

Summary: AU where Emma decided to keep Henry once she got out of jail. She works at Granny’s diner and meets Killian. Killian falls for her quickly, and Henry seems pretty taken with him too - it’s only Emma that remains at a wary distance.
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  ~11,300
A/N: So this ended up being way longer than originally intended - but I’m pretty pleased with it and happy I finished it before the season returns. Hope you guys enjoy it!

When Henry’s just shy of a year old Emma finally feels secure, like she is a good mother. Six days a week she wakes up at six am, gets Henry ready for the day and walks the two blocks to the diner. Granny usually takes Henry into the back room and looks after him – saying she’s tired of dealing with customers, (but really just missing the little guy)– while Ruby and Emma run the diner. Emma’s takes Henry when her shift ends at two and they run some errands, or go to the park if it’s nice enough out, or just head back home if it’s been a particularly tiresome day.

While Emma complains to Ruby about work being boring seeing the exact same people day after day (since Granny’s is almost completely populated by regulars), Emma secretly loves it. She loves the feeling of community in the small town diner, she loves being away from the city where she has too many bad memories, she loves Granny and Ruby and Henry and she loves the way it feels like family. So when Granny calls begging Emma to come in on her day off because one of the other waitresses is sick with the flu, Emma doesn’t think twice before agreeing.

On Sunday mornings the diner doesn’t open until 8 and Granny hadn’t called until 7:30, so Emma has to rush to get out the door with Henry on time. The bell chimes over the door as Emma walks in to the already open diner, with Henry balanced half asleep on her hip. The difference between Sunday and the rest of the week is noticeable. Every table at the diner is occupied and there’s a hum of conversation filling the air. Granny rushes up to Emma the moment she walks inside, taking Henry from her with a smile and throwing off her apron before fleeing to the back room.

It turns out to be one of Emma’s busiest shifts ever, and she barely recognizes any of the patrons even though it seems like most of the customers are regulars since the other wait staff call them by name. Emma, on the other hand is slightly flustered, running about like a chicken with its head cut off. She manages to handle the insanity that is the morning rush until the diner quiets down around noon.

A man sitting quietly at the far end of the counter catches her attention for a refill. She can tell by that devilish smirk on his face that he’s trouble. She walks to him and smiles at him as she refills his coffee anyway.

“You new here lass?” he asks her, and of course he has an accent.

Emma turns away from him to return the coffee pot back to the stand. “No,” she says, turning back around to wipe down the counter. “I’ve worked here for about six months.”

“Are you sure, because I know I’d remember meeting someone like you,” though his words seem innocent enough, the intent in his eyes is most definitely not – but Emma Swan is not easily flustered.

She rolls her eyes. “I bet you say that to all the ladies,” she says walking away.

Ruby was walking behind the man during the exchange and thumps him lightly upside the head. “Cut it out Killian, and eat your food.”

He smiles sheepishly at Ruby and gives Emma a sort of half bow before resuming his meal.

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