You ask about my brutal love,
about my burning, about my paradise.
You ask about God’s name on my lips,
about the sweet-bitter sting at the nape of the neck.
You ask about the delicate ways our hearts keep beating,
decaying rot on the floorboard of the abandoned
church parking lot of my chest.
You ask if the angels will save me —
a million radios screaming for salvation
from broadcast prophets,
from the underbelly of my monstrous bed.

You ask about his stifled love,
about his bloody crown,
and I say yes, I say please, I say Amen Amen Amen.
You ask about the holy silence, I say
Baltimore is still screaming in my dreams.
You ask about the candlewicks, about the melted wax,
you ask about the dusty bodies buried in my heart.

I say, like it or not, I’m dead and lonely without you.

Even with your holy book,
ashes are ashes,
dirt is dirt.

—  Nape of the Neck | d.a.s

Bafta is auctioning a limited edition fine art print of this peerless photo by Rich Hardcastle. 

Tom Hardy, backstage 2014

Tom Hardy photographed backstage during the EE British Academy Film Award ceremony 2014, at The Royal Opera House, London.  Hardy presented the BAFTA for Leading Actress.

Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm Giclée fine art print, printed 2015, signed and editioned in pencil, sheet 51.1 x 33.8in. (130 x 86cm.). This work is number 1 from the edition of 10.

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For the past coupla days, whenever I checked my phone, the time was 11:11. I’m taking this as a sign, obvs. Hopefully a good one!

anonymous asked:

I tried to stop myself but...i've started reading Hanna/Alec fanfictions. So, any good one?

Oh, I think we’ve all fallen deep into that one… Okay, I’m only starting out myself, so this is both a list of highly recommend fics and ones that look awesome and are by awesome authors so I trust them. I’ll add more once I read more!

You can go ahead and assume these are all adult rated, although there may be some lower ratings hiding in there :-)

There’s also a very comprehensive rec list here by lostinfic, and thanks to tinyconfusion for giving me a good start!

anonymous asked:

It's 2015 and we don't have a ichabbie *accidentaly* seeing each other naked. I mean, how is that possible?

Man, idk - there’s just no justice in this world anon… Although I mean, we do have it in fanfic and gods bless the talented writers who made it happen, but it really should happen on the show as well.  

At least they’ve seen each other half-naked and panting sweatily…

No doubt that memory’s gotten Ichabod through many a cold and lonely nights, that’s quite a scan/right click + save he’s doing there. :p

… I was gonna say something else but I got distracted by Tom’s chest, sorry. And Nicole’s … everything. #MoreFanservice2k15


"Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, they take your heart by surprise and changes your life forever."

IH Holiday Exchange to Tierney! I know we haven’t really spoken with each other much but I feel like I’ve known you for a long time since we share the same love we have for these two dorks, just like with everyone in the fandom. Hope you like it (forgive me for the simpleness) and thank you for bringing so much to our fandom with your edits c: