THREE’S COMPANY | m: Carl, Yatti & Kellen | photographer: James C. Lewis 
Previews from my latest series NOIRE EROTICA due to be unveiled later on this year in Atlanta,GA. Stay tuned for the for the upcoming dates. #N3K Baby!!!

I don’t really know what Yatti contributes to story besides cuteness.

I don’t doubt that she’ll become an indispensable character she just hasn’t found her place yet.

ANYWAY, Yatti thinks she loves water. She has never been IN water. She is perfectly okay with rain. She has never had anyone to go swimming with so when Jacky says ‘sure I’ll go’ Yatti EXCITEDLY scuttles up and down the bank until it’s time to get in and she discovers what every other cat already knows. Water is awful.

From that day forward she cries every time it rains.

I wanted to try out some new shapes in Yatti’s design. Not sure if this is what I want, but it’s going in the right direction.

I like this lighter, dorkier chipmunk tail.