Toyota Yarris

Director : ?

Production Company : ?

Year : 2014

"I drive a Yarris, I care about the environment. I'm an activist."

An actual thing that someone said to me today. What the fuck?

I wish I cared about the environment so much that I bought some over-priced car and called myself an ‘activist.’ Because yeah, buying a slightly-better-for-the-environment-car-than-my-neighbour-but-made-in-the-same-pollution-spilling-factory car is heaps good.

You fucking activist!

this dialogue is from facebook, part of my and mod yarri’s reactions to the decision of the grand jury not to indict darren wilson. i, for one, am going to be trying to process this decision for a good part of tonight. whenever these kinds of things happen, i think of my brothers, my cousins, my uncles and i worry. y’know?

i will continue to tag all ferguson-related posts with “ferguson” and “antiblackness” for anyone who wishes to blacklist such things.

people say we shouldn’t be surprised, outraged, or saddened by this, but i hope to never reach a point where i no longer react to such a travesty. i will never accept “the way things are”, when this is the status quo.

if any of our followers, particularly our followers with black heritage, are also struggling to process this verdict, the ask box is open and i am probably going to be awake for a long time. if you send something in, please specify if you’re just venting or if you want a response, and if you’re off anon, whether or not you want the ask to be published.

i can also be similarly reached on my personal blog.

finally, everyone, keep this in mind: you are allowed to have feelings and emotions about what has happened and is continuing to happen regarding ferguson, mike brown, and darren wilson, even if things like this have happened before. and all of your emotions are valid.

- Mod Nina

Motivational Maverick Moment Part-1

If you’re ever feeling depressed about things like. “Maybe I’m not doing anything with my life” or “So many years have gone by, and what do I have to show for”. A man named Nick Yarris, spent twenty years on Death Row, before finally being released, because of his case being a false accusation or some crap like that. That’d be enough to piss me off. But all this guy did was get married, and go live in Britain (Cant blame him for wanting to leave from the US after that).