This Eastern Angler Crab, as is common for its kind, has curious marks etched on its abdominal plate – seven vertical lines between two longer ones, like pillars beneath a roof. In the words of our surgeon:

“We long hypothesised, from the still-glimmering corpse of this vast decapod, that it guised itself as a distant light, to lure its prey close. We discovered, eventually, that it simply pursues its prey across the zee with happy zeal. It evinces, also, a regrettable turn of speed.”

(shhh I know they don’t actually have bobble legs! The right pincer took me literally two hours for something half an inch long!! I’m not putting this in colored water to imitate ripple effects, is what I’m saying.)

(and in game I perhaps hate jillyfleur the most, even beyond lorn flukes or the eater-of-names, but look what it did to my poor steamer)


Do you ever just look at people and think:


Just stop

You claim to hate the thing

But you are #1 perpetrator of the thing

Then someone calls you on the thing

And instead of gaining a little self awareness

And maybe learning maybe it’s not the best idea to do the thing

You dig in 

And do the thing more

Bc now you are a martyr

Holy Snowflake of The Thing

When it would literally cost you nothing to just be a bit of a better human

But no

The thing is what is important

The thing makes you feel tall

Unless of course someone else is wielding the thing

Then fuck the thing!!!!!!!!!1

I just.