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Old Shanghainese Style

During Shanghai international settlement period (1845-1943), the city was largely influenced by the western culture. In 30s and 40s, Chinese song writers were creatively integrating songs with American jazz and traditional Chinese music, songs like 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你(Rose Rose, I love you)was one of the most popular songs in that era, so popular that it was made into English version. 姚莉(Yaoli, Shanghainese), the lady in the drawing was the first one to sing this song, very beautiful and a great singer. She is still alive, aged 92 and lives in Hongkong.

louboutin sale under the hustle and bustle

louboutin sale under the hustle and bustle

(Reference: “Institutional Office was the Qing Dynasty and the Carpenter Hall” Wu Zhaoqing; “eighteenth-century palace dental research Carpenter and his works” if Xin Ji; “Tai Mei Qing boundless possession ivory art” Zhanglin Jie; the “National Palace Museum Qing culture “Zheng Xinmiao;” Baijuyi and Xiangshan nine old will “Yaoli Fen)Source: People’s Daily – the national culturaGoldThis year, the…

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