This was supposed to be “rarity with lots of plastic diamonds and plastic colourful stones aronud her!111” for Yanosturtull but I don’t know how to draw plastic so I drew Spike having good taste.

wallpaper size (but not resolution; and it probably won’t work anyway because clutter-stuff)

I’m terribly sorry it took so long. I was supposed to do this after I’m done with semester and some pony related stuff but I couldn’t make myself to draw anything that isn’t a Twilight Sparkle and I wanted to put some heart in this because this is an an art trade and Yanosturtull have done an amazing Future Sparkle piece for me and I wanted to give something back all right. I had this started but only yesterday I made myself to finish it after being guilt tripped because I did not draw Rarity on episode reaction pic.

yanosturtull said: I feel Miko is Taurus, Colin - Virgo, Leona - Sagittarius and Toska is Pisces and Sela is Aries

HMMM seems accurate to me! Let it be canon then. I don’t know about the dates yet, I guess I’ll just pick something randomlyuaaaa lets say that Miko; 15.5 Colin; 24.8 Leona; 21.12 Toska; 4.3 and Sela; 8.4

And now they even have birthdays. How grand!

Godamit!!! Look at these Twilight Sparkle and Forty Winks bracelets yanosturtull sent over my place for Chelsea and me!

I was gonna just put it in the envelope and send to Chelsea as a surprise but I was to excited about a perfect Twilight Sparkle object and just really wanted to share that. Look!!!

And also now I can share how amazing is yanosturtull! Plam! Look! Thank you once more so much!

Oh, and it’s been being delivered for only 1,5 months. Greetings from Eastern Europe! <3

yanosturtull replied to your post:besides getting up in a very classy manner,…

I’m really proud of you about irl painting!

thanks! im happy i finally touched anything too! it feels great and healthy and rewarding and i also need to finish this thing i have started that was due for indefinite time mid february and make sure it isn’t terrible because i haven’t used paints in forever… i just need to… get myself… to not just sleep all the day through finally

yanosturtull replied to your photo:to some extent it hurts me when people draw me…

do you find my stuff anatomically correct?

*the drawing you did of me didn’t tease my insecurities :)

hahah like… im still not gonna tell people directly to i dunno, i dont like making problems… unless it would be recurring and made me really really uncomfy but… im just more aware of that i can draw myself however i guess and i dont need to forcefully get over if i can be happier the other way around