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Prompt-- casino

One minute, Aaron had thought the conversation with the strangers had been going well. The next minute, something had yanked his feet out from under him, and he’d seen Daryl take the stock of a rifle to the back of the head.

Now, Aaron was waking up in a chair, with rope around his chest, rope binding his ankles to the legs of the chair, and his wrists tied together behind the chair. He assumed that Daryl was tied the same way to another chair bound to Aaron’s back. The other man was shifting sluggishly, probably figuring out their situation just as Aaron was.

“Hey?” Aaron tried tentatively, turning his head around as far as he could. “Are you all right?”

He received a groan in response, and Aaron remembered the loud crack of the impact of the rifle against Daryl’s head. He grimaced and looked around. They were surrounded by aisles of dusty slot machines and what looked like dismantled poker tables and boxes of chips. If he had to guess, then he’d say that they had been taken hostage in a casino storage room.

Of all the cliché…

He spotted Daryl’s crossbow, in the hands of a teenaged girl and aimed directly at his head. He recognized the girl as one of the five people in the group that he and Daryl had approached. The girl was obviously trying to look like she knew how to handle the weapon, only succeeding in highlighting how much she didn’t.

“You don’t need that,” Aaron stated. “We’re tied to chairs. Pretty effectively, actually.” He wiggled a bit in his seat to show her. “I just want to talk.”

“How many more of them are you?” the girl asked.

“Just the two of us, like I said before your group knocked us out,” Aaron replied. “Where are the rest of your people?”

Daryl moaned again, finally starting to move with more purpose. “Fuuuuck.”

“Daryl? Hey.” Aaron pushed back slightly. “Welcome back.”

“Who’s Carol?” the girl demanded.

Daryl sat straight up at that, and Aaron frowned. “Where did—“

“He was saying her name while he was out…Is she your back up? How do we know this ‘Carol’ isn’t just outside, waiting to snipe us?” she barked.

“Shit,” Daryl grunted.

“Oh, but you two aren’t a thing or anything,” Aaron called back.

“Shut up,” Daryl growled.

“I don’t understand why you keep denying it. It’s not like this big secret that you seem to think it is—“

“It ain’t none of your business—“

“I’m not making fun of you,” Aaron stated. “But we don’t exactly live in a world that forgives you for not speaking up sooner.”

“Who’s Carol!?” the girl snapped again.

“His wife,” Aaron replied smartly.

Daryl cursed him. “No she ain’t!”

“Not yet,” Aaron snickered.

“You realize that I could kill you both?” the girl hissed.

Daryl sighed. “Not without any bolts, you ain’t.”

The girl paused, looked down, realized that the crossbow wasn’t loaded, and blanched. “Fuck.”

“I would advise you to let us go,” Aaron said coolly. “Nothing has happened here—“

“I got a fuckin’ concussion!” Daryl grumbled.

Aaron shushed him, looking at the girl. “Let us go, and Carol won’t have to—“

“Fuck your shit up!” Daryl barked.

Aaron deadpanned. Sure, okay, they’ll go that route this time. “Right.”

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Daddy Sehun scenario pls!

I don’t know if this is gonna be cute in your eyes, but it’s absolutely adorable in mine. So, i hope you enjoy it~


“Yah, Yah!” Sehun dropped the bottle of milk and dashed back into the living room as a loud screech reached his ears.

Careful not to trip over the baby toys laying hazardously around the room, he scooped his son into his arms. As he picked his son up into his arms though, the one year old refused to let go of the cat’s ear, yanking it with him. To which, the cat meowed loudly in response.

Sighing, Sehun sat down on the floor with his son in his lap. Prying his son’s chubby fingers off of the poor cat’s ear, he scolded his son, “I know you get your bratty genes from me but please give the cat some mercy.”

His son merely stared wide eyes up at him, tugging on the fur coat of the cat, “Kitty!”

“Yes, kitty.” Pulling at his chubby fingers again, Sehun cooed, “Now let the kitty go. Good boys let kitties go.”

Drool dripping from his mouth, Sehun watched as his son blabbed out, “Good boy.”

Nodding, Sehun agreed, “Yes, you are. Now let kitty go.”

“I wuv kitty.”

“Yes, but you have to let him go.”

“KITTY!” At his scream, his son tugged on the cat’s ear even harder, earning a loud hiss from the said cat. “Soft!”

Groaning, Sehun grasped his son’s other hand and placed it on his head.  “Kitty is soft but daddy’s hair is also soft. See?”

His son’s mouth was agape and he immediately released the poor cat’s ear from his clutch, to which the cat dashed underneath the couch. The minute he released the cat, his other hand found its way into Sehun’s messy bangs. Without another thought, he pulled and yanked on it. With his lips settling into a grimace, Sehun picked his son off his lap and carried him to the kitchen. Sehun winced as his son pulled a little too hard on a particular strand of hair.
Grumbling, Sehun kissed his son on the forehead, “You’re lucky you got my irresistible genes as well…”

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I was in a chat room of fic writers tonight to include sawyerday, mittensmorgul, ltleflrt and a ton of other people I forgot. We watched this, and discussed it with Destiel goggles. Here’s the resulting fic!

My Beer is My Microphone by Winjennster


Just a typical Friday night in small town America.

“Nope. No good.”

Just a Friday night in a small town in America’s heartland.

“Could you be anymore cliche?”

Just a Friday night when I’m stuck being a miserable Gas ‘n’ Sip clerk in a backwoods town with one stoplight and more cows than humans.

“Well at least that’s accurate,” Cas Novak mumbled, yanking the sheet of paper out of his notebook and throwing it in the bin.

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PlayBoy [V]

Sehun chased you down he dimmed corridor as you pushed on. His hand grabbed around your wrist and yanked you around to face him. “Why are you running away from me? What did I do wrong?” A passerby was trapped behind you two so you moved aside into one of the private rooms. 

“You didn’t have to say it if you didn’t mean it. I’m okay.” You voice was soft and just audible over the loud bass that could still be heard. There was hesitation in Sehun’s eyes before, as much as you wished what he said what true, you didn’t want something real to happen between you two to come out of force. 

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There was nothing more the man enjoyed than being able to take care of multiple loose threads with one yank, and it seemed the new benefactor to Nightsworn’s less…legitimate dealings was handing him that ability on a silver platter.  The man stood back and listened as the men gave their report, eschewing staying behind his desk for a change and allowing them to lounge in the chairs in his office instead.

“Drunk idiot didn’t even know what hit him.”  The mercenary to his right belonging to Blackcreek’s crew snorted in contempt, folding his arms over his chest and sprawling his legs out forward as he slouched.  “The only hard part was getting him back here, and that was only because the wards you’ve had put up so we couldn’t teleport directly in.”

Jonathan, still licking his wounds from his encounter with the infernal questioned his man further while Nightsworn stayed silent, simply watching the interactions.  He barely paid attention to what was being said, until the human spoke a second time, looking directly at the business owner.  The human was scowling impatiently at having to repeat himself.

“You’re sure the contract says one at a time?  I could spread my men a little thinner and get a few at once…”  Nightsworn shook his head.

“Very clearly.  One at a time.  Our…employer wishes to enjoy his time with them.  I even gave him his own private room below to use as he saw fit.  The drain in the floor should help reduce any clean up that would need to be done.”  The man did not speak of the real reason he’d acquiesced to the deal with all it’s stipulations and loopholes.

He let his mind drift momentarily back to the list of names he’d been shown, mentally roving his eyes down to one of the last.  Lolette.  If the songbird of the Hearth would not sing for him, he’d cage her soon enough.  He snapped back to Jonathan once more, managing to catch the question before it needing to be repeated.

“Who is next?  The brother.  Camsyn.”

She’s not who she said she was [CLOSED-RP]


Yang was faced to admit something she never wanted anyone to find out. She had taken them off just to shower, knowing her team had been out, but she never expected Neptune to walk in. Now he could see her. The fin-like ears, the slitted eyes, and the razor sharp teeth. She was looking at the blue haired boy, before she made a rash choice.

Quickly moving, she yanked him into the room, closing and locking the door. “Neptune– Please, I-I can explain all of this.”

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35, Harry :)

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” Your harsh tone startled him, but still he did as he was told. His shirt hit the floor, followed by his pants, and underwear not long after. Even quicker then that, you were doing the same thing, and rushing over to him, jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands gripped at your bottom, clutching your skin and rushing over to the nearest wall, your back hitting the cold plaster with a thud and a light whimper from you. 

“I’m not used to you pressuring me.” Harry hummed as he dragged his teeth along your neck, nipping at your skin. You could hear his smile through his words and you yanked at his hair, forcing him to bring his lips to yours. Your encounters of this kind were usually much more toned down, no yelling or bossing around of the sorts. But today, you were feeling drive for one main thing–Harry.

“I’m feeling out of character.” You replied quickly as your lips moved apart from his for only a brief moment. His hands were on your skin so roughly you felt his nails scratch here and there, but the feeling only made you writhe and shiver. “Couch.” You managed to breathe out. 

Harry chuckled softly against your skin, “You’re overbearing.” He pretended to complain as he complied to your request and you soon found yourself on the comfort of the plush couch, sighing heavily as he began placing sloppy kisses down your chest. 

“Shut up.” You quivered as his nose tickled your stomach. 

“Yes ma’m.” 

“sebastian is so meeaaan!!! he wanted Anders DEAD!!”

*deep breath*

Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family Anders killed his surrogate family and no one moves to comfort him and that’s the SECOND TIME someone he knew yanked his world out from under him

So maybe stop acting like this is an actual and valid criticism of his character

I Promise

- Prompt: “A Promise”

- Solas and Aminthia Lavellan

- Written By: TheMintMagician

- Word Count: 2,238

Fingers tugged at shemlen boots, frustrated as they clung to skin tightly, leather glued to flesh. The only light was from the moon and the steady glow from the crystal that balanced at the tip of Aminthia’s staff. It was still not enough to see well by. With a hard yank, the boot came free, sending her tumbling backwards into the snowbank. Bare against the frost, she let out a yelp, jumping into a standing position. She wiped the snow away, cursing at herself for being so clumsy. Hand leaning on a tree to support herself, she pulled her other boot free. Her skin was red in the places the snow had touched, flushing the areas the wind whipped at it. The steam that rose from the spring was becoming more and more inviting as the cold seeped to her bones.

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would u rather have to forcefully beat the shit out of your grandma to a bloody pulp OR have a large black man rip your dick off with all his might, like i mean hes gonna yank ur dick off with his bare hands, and then beat u to death with it.

At least I will be remembered as that guy who got beat up by his own dick


Vivident Cube - Superfresh - Head Stealing

Thanks for submitting this, anonymous!

So, Barret Crake directed this ad (here’s a link to his version).  In this ad, once a teenager declares he’s chewing Vivident, a classmate yanks off the classmate’s own head.  This way, he can steal the head of the vivident-user in its place.  Hijinks ensue, as this body runs across the school and bragging about the gum.  The voice changes based on the body it’s connected to, managing to be taken by a girl to her gym changing room, a dog, and a professor before the student regains his head.

Here’re some alts!

Barret Crake’s (YouTube)




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#24 Harold

“You’re the only one I trust to do this.” He cackled, glancing through the mirror at you standing above him. Your fingers were tangled in his hair, starting a french braid from the very top of his head. 

“I still can’t believe you’re letting me do this.” Since his hair has grown so long, you always imagined it being in a braid like Elsa’s. Of course it wasn’t nearly as long as that yet, but you were still able to coax him into letting your braid it. 

“Just don’t hurt me.” He whined. 

“I’m not going to hurt you!” You snorted. 

Minutes later you were half way down his head, and he was whining because you were “yanking to hard.” “Well if you want it to look right it has to be tight!” He huffed in return.

When you were finally finished, after his whines that his head hurt, he looked in the mirror, trying his hardest not to laugh. “My forehead looks huge.” He concluded. 

“Yeah, but your hair looks sexy when it’s pushed back.” You giggled, quoting Mean Girls. “You should wear it like that more often. You look boho.” 

“I look boohoo?” He retorted as you snapped a picture for him. 

“Yeah Harry, ‘boohoo’.”

send me a number and and a boy and i’ll write a prompt! (they will be with boy&y/n)


i know no one wants to see this but oh well lmao here’s the glue i managed to get out of my NS Clawdeen’s head w/o you know… yanking her hair out or anything. like, i was 100% convince i was about to yank it out tho when i was pulling that one giant piece out and it just kept coming and coming. but nope. it wasn’t actually holding any of her hair in, surprise. i’m pretty sure that piece came from around her face.

anyway i decided to start saving all the glue i get out of their heads until i’m done and i’m going to see how much nasty i end up with. thanks mattel for providing me hours of fun.