New release: Driver Fusion 2.5

Driver Fusion 2.5 has been released and is available for download. This release focuses on improving the interface and user experience. Below you will find the release notes containing all the changes.

New features:

  • Health check - Community suggested feature - You can now exclude a device or available driver in health check. This enables you to keep the current driver if you know that the driver is fine as is.
  • Device control & health check - Improved the performance of retrieving device properties on Windows Vista and higher.
  • Reporting - Added a report that you can send to Treexy for diagnostic purposes.
  • Localization - Improved the Chinese (Simplified) translation with special thanks to YanJun Sun.

Changed features:

  • Reporting
    - The reporting feature has been moved from device control to settings.
  • Health check - The additional driver information, such as the provider and release date, can now be accessed directly instead of through the tooltip of the driver.
  • Starting - Improved the startup time of Driver Fusion by about 10%.
  • Interface - The settings menu has been redesign for consistency.
  • Interface - All links are now colored to make them more distinguishable.
  • Interface - Most interface elements in health check and driver families now change their background color when you hover over them.

Resolved issues:

  • Interface - Localized dates could in some cases not display in accordance with the regional settings of Windows.
  • Interface - Adding a new outdated driver in health check could occasionally cause the interface to stop responding for a short time.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically!

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After Xu Rudong people eating and drinking with friends, driving home, the result of traffic accidents occur unilaterally, Zhuihe killed. Xu family with him,, I will drink Zhao,, Weimou to court to ask for compensation. Recently, after court mediation Rudong, Zhao, Xu families were Weimou lump sum compensation 19,000 yuan.

Modern Express Reporter correspondent Tang Tianwei Xiaowen Ming Chen Ying Yanjun Chen

Man drowned drunk driving

Xu and Weimou although age difference of 20 years old, but the two congenial relationship at the well. At 11:30 on December 11, 2013, Xu drove Rudong dug town Hoi Kung Fu eight total village site,, where an old friend Weimou responsible for some construction projects, Xu will remain at the site canteen together dine.

During the evening, because the same table to eat Zhao daughter needs to go out, Xu also took the initiative to drive her to the bus ride Rudong County. About 20 minutes later,scarpe uomo hogan, Xu returned canteen continue meal. The remaining seven people at the same table eating quickly leave,, Xu, Zhao Weimou and then a cup of brewed rice wine while chatting until around 14:00,louboutin pas cher femme, just three fun ends.

Subsequently,mulberry handbags, Zhao home to work in the fields, Xu rest Weimou greeted with tea and tea kettle itself to office. But Xu consciously just drank a little wine, it should be nothing to do, on their own to drive away.

14:15 or so, Xu was driving to Canton Road Rudong dug six total road bridge on the eastern side,prix chaussures louboutin, the occurrence of unilateral accident, the vehicle plunged into the river, Xu was killed.

Upon examination, Xu venous blood ethanol concentration was 147.1mg / 100ml, is drunk driving. The cause of death was drowning deaths caused by traffic accidents.

Families who sued the same table drinking claims

Xu’s relatives believe that it was not the daughter of Zhao Xu sent to the station by car, returning to the cafeteria, Zhao and Weimou urging people to show their gratitude. After drinking, they knowingly Xu driving a car, but did not try to secure escort duty, resulting in accidents. Accordingly, Xu relatives filed a lawsuit requesting the court Zhao,hogan, Weimou common compensation for the loss of 126,084.60 yuan.

The trial, Weimou argued that drinks the day’s meal comes with brewing rice wine department Xu,nike air jordan pas cher, Xu was also drank a total of two bowls, and he did not urging people to drink,, but was also greeted Xu tea hangover, in its After driving away, also called contact, but the phone is not connected.

Zhao argues that he is not familiar with Xu, also carried out to discourage their drinking,moncler sito ufficiale,, their home immediately after a meal work in the fields, on the back of the thing did not know, should not bear responsibility.

Bounden duty to remind people hostesses

The court held that, Xu as the natural person with full civil capacity,nike tn pas cher chine, knowing that his car is still excessive drinking, drunk driving a motor vehicle accident caused by drowning, by the legal consequences arising from their own risk.

Weimou,air jordan, Zhao Xu is already known before drinking arriving by car,moncler milano outlet, still drinking with him,chaussures air jordan, failed to fulfill its obligation to remind, and not be discouraged to Xu drunk driving behavior,, it should bear some responsibility.

Given the existence of a major fault Xu itself, should alleviate Weimou, Zhao’s liability, the court mediation, the two sides reached the conciliation agreement.

The judge reminded the saying goes, “no wine not a seat,” but we must do what to drink, a good grasp of the scale, not even urging people to drink excessive alcoholism. If you find serious drinkers drunk, mood swings and even out of control behavior,, drink shall immediately persuade them to stop drinking,Hogan rebel outlet, and obliged him to relatives around the hospital or a safe place.

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Uncle Lee Longhu (Reporter correspondent Chang-Hai Liu Li Guowei Liu Yanjun) at midnight vigil wedding to backyard toilet,,talon louboutin pas cher, when passing through the rear window, mistook the plastic mannequins to the police station as a burglar alarm. After police arrived on the scene to find out the whole story,mulberry outlet london, Uncle Lee also embarrassed.

1 o’clock yesterday morning,,moncler piumini, the Public Security Bureau Walled Hangu police station received a public phone alarm, said: Thieves in Hangu into Dongfeng Road,, a wedding, and now the thief has not yet run. Alarm, the police on duty rushed to the scene.

According to the police uncle Lee reflected his vigil in the studio, the studio backyard just to go to the toilet and found the studio,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, there are two furtive figure then alarm. After careful investigation scene police found the studio doors and windows intact,鐭?/read.php?tid=6668, no pry marks. Subsequently,mulberry outlet 2014,, the studio manager also heard the news rushed to the scene, the studio door opened. Police carefully searched every corner of the studio,hogan, did not find any suspects and turning marks,abercrombie milano, the store’s safe and valuables are intact. Police think things are strange,woolrich outlet online italia,, let Li uncle came to the scene found the original road demonstration of a “thief” situation. When Uncle Lee once again came back window when suddenly. It turned out that he would mannequins inside wedding mistaken thief. After clarifying the whole story, Uncle Lee apologized to the police and the manager.

According to the manager,, due the day of the wedding photographs of many guests,escarpin louboutin pas cher, not enough time to clean up the mannequins. Lee uncle to the studio during the day,mulberry sale shop, only to come to the night shift at night,scarpe hogan, are not familiar with the situation on the store,, just sudden, a misunderstanding. Later, the manager not only did not criticize the vigil uncle, uncle’s actions but for the timely encouragement and praise, think Grandpa strong sense of responsibility,hogan outlet, is very good.

(Original title: Tianjin, a night watchman who mistook plastic mannequins alarm when a thief to catch “Thieves” (Figure))

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