Living in London as an American is hilarious sometimes. Everyone’s up in arms on the news and in print about how racist America is (I mean, yes, don’t get me wrong, America is not a post-racial society by any stretch of the imagination), but then I get advertisements pushed through my mail slot here for painting services that reads “The choice is yours, Del-Boy and Rodney, Vlad and Illya, or Petr and Yanek - Do you really want these people in your home?" I can honestly say that in 31 years in Texas I never saw advertising that blatantly prejudiced against a particular group of immigrants, and seriously folks, there are people in my home state that want to build a Great Wall of Texas, so that says something.

Edit: It gets better. I googled the guy named on the flyer and he ran for the local council last year. He’s also (surprise surprise) the chairman of the local UKIP but ran as an “independent”…. Ha. Hahahahaha. Oh man. About his flyer he says: “I’m not having a pop at anyone. I live here, I’m from here – it’s the local angle. I can’t be racist, and I won’t allow anyone around me to be racist.”

"Only bombs are revolutionary." Ok, Camus.

Annenkov: You met Voinov in Switzerland. I have a lot of confidence in him, even though he’s young. You don’t know Yanek.

Stepan: Yanek?

Annenkov: Kaliayev. We also call him the Poet.

Stepan: That’s a dumb name for a terrorist.

Annenkov (laughing): Yanek wouldn’t say so. He says that poetry is revolutionary.

Stepan: Only bombs are revolutionary. 

-“The Just Assassins”, Albert Camus

My creative writing teacher is a female and is young and can relate to students hell yeah thank god she’s already better than my fiction teacher and mr yanek combined