↳ Jonathan Edward Bernthal, September 20th, 1976.

"I’m also super laid-back, I love Willie Nelson, I love the Grateful Dead, I love chilling out and eating a pizza and lighting up a spliff and hanging out. It’s just the things I really dig, I really dig ‘em and I figure if you’re gonna do it you better go all the way."


Death Note Meme: [3/5] Favorite Characters → Misa Amane

What a beautiful way to kill…


"I owe pro wrestling. It’s the only reason I’m still alive, and it pisses me off, and it makes me sick, everybody else thinks wrestling owes them something. All the time "me, me, me, I should be champion, I should be a featured performer, I shouldn’t be paired with this guy in a team, I should get more mic time, I should get this," Whatever. I owe pro wrestling. It doesn’t owe me anything. Because it’s given me the only thing that makes me happy, the only high in this world that makes it worth getting up out of bed every day, and when it hits my bloodstream, and it courses through my veins, and explodes in my heart and the warm feeling coming over my brain, the whole world makes sense. And that’s what I owe pro wrestling."


IT’S HIM. (x)


"When you’re 20 and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and who knows what the fuck is going to happen, but now, this age that I am now, I do genuinely start to think about it, like, your days are numbered, like get it out there. Get something, leave something for your kids that they know what you’re about and some of these principles. Try to put something out there in the world. "

happy birthday, Mr. Jon Bernthal !

When Jon Snow is sad, he’s feeling Jon Low.

When Jon Snow’s grass is too long, he needs to Jon Mow.

When Jon Snow rips his pants, he needs to Jon Sew.

When he walks with a lantern, he’s Jon Glow.

When he bakes, he makes Jon Dough.

When he hangs out with Sam, he’s Jon Bro.

When Jon Snow borrows money, he’s Jon Owe. 

During puberty, he was Jon Grow.

When his toilet’s clogged, you’ve got a Jon Overflow.

In the Night’s Watch, he’s Jon Crow.

He broke his vows, so they call him Jon Ho.

When Jon Snow is surprised, he’s Jon Whoa!

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