Thiefshipping: Road to El Dorado

told you I’d be making more of these…

So I was skimming through the channels and well, The Road to El Dorado was playing in HBO (Was it HBO or another movie channel?) and  I watched it again after many years. Miguel and Tulio really reminded me of the Abridged Marik and Florence/Yami Bakura if they weren’t villains or if they had a voyage.So I thought that it would be nice to draw them cosplaying as the two conartists from the film. with Marik exposing his midriff as usual.

Yeah, I know Florence is supposed to be Miguel ‘cuz he’s British/ has a British accent and that he’s the short one but personality wise, he’s more of a Tulio.

Sorry if it’s pretty messy and off, I was kind of rushing 'cuz of Christmas party preparations (and my parents getting mad at me for drawing in my laptop, haha). I’ll edit it some time. 

Have a Merry Christmas, Everyone!