Yakushima 2013 - So It Begins! [STARTER POST]

Most of the party had never been to the Yakushima area before; in fact, a few had never even been aboard a boat, surprisingly enough, but Yuuko Narukami, the Foolish ringleader of this whole business, supposed that in a group so diverse, one was bound to get a lot of oddballs. That would only make the two-day beach stay even more awesome. Probably. Compared to the last event the group organized, this was on a whole different scale… and she was nervous, of course. But the King’s Game had gone so well…

For a certain definition of well. Few of her band came out of their with their honor or decency intact, and she herself hadn’t, really, but … well, that was sort of the point of the King’s Game. Maybe they could even get one of those going when they got there… eh. There were all sorts of dumb or awesome party games they could play, and from what she understood, one would be able to find certain amounts of certain drinks… if one was old enough. That was probably for the best.

The boat was most of the way across the relatively short hop to Yakushima when she gathered together all the members of the group this time, bringing them together aft and motioning for them to all be seated. “Before we arrive, I figured it would be a good idea to go over some things,” She announced, and then bowed out and let one of the newcomers to the group step up and speak.

“Alright,” Tracy Cohn said with a cough, looking around. So many faces, familiar and unfamiliar and strange. “This event is going to run basically from the 26th through to the end of the 27th. We’ll arrive late in the day, and put in at the house the Kirijo Group has provided so generously for us. It used to be one of their summer retreats a while ago… and it’ll still serve that purpose. It’s basically as much hotel as mansion, and there should be plenty of accommodation for as many late-comers as we might get. We may need to double up on  rooms but I don’t think that’ll be much of a problem.”


"The place comes with staff for handling luggage, housekeeping, and even a pair of crack chefs, although they’ll probably need some volunteers to help out if we’re all eating together. There’s also a little concession stand or cafe out near the beachfront. Speaking of which…"


"I think of the beachfront sort of as the ‘main event’ of this trip. Prime beach real estate here. We got a weekend with relatively few tourists, too; figure a hundred people total will be around this stretch of the beach, which means it’ll be pretty sparse out there. I dunno, I don’t mind that at all. Normally this place would be just full of people."

"Ah, notably… there’s staff for the cafe, although they’d probably take some part-time help around there… and, of course, the beach itself. Play in the sand, sit under an umbrella, swim out into the shallows or deeper waters, wander off and find a quiet little nook or harbor for more, uh, private endeavors… You get the idea."

"There’ll be at least one company lifeguard on duty around the clock, and I think some of our fellow partygoers could help out with that, if they have to."

"Okay, inland, Yakushima is noted for his wonderful forestry and jungle and all of that…"


"There’s paths cut and even laid or paved through the wilderness at certain points and a hiker would have a decently easy  go at getting to the wilder interior of the island. There’s not a lot here of concern; you can go for kilometers in there and just, you know, take in nature and all of that. Everyone should have their phones with them so staying in touch won’t be a problem."

Tracy paused in his little briefing for the party and shook his head. "Let’s hope they don’t wander too far afield, though… There’s something here they’d probably rather I didn’t mention, but I will here just to get it all out in the open."

"Yakushima wasn’t just prized by the Kriijo for its location as a resort or retreat; there was an actual facility here. The facility Aigis escaped from, some time ago; a development and weapons research complex, built military-style and buried in the jungle. It’s been decommissioned and completely shut down for a long time…"


"It shouldn’t be possible for your average person to even get inside the perimeter, much less the sealed base, but if Aigis reactivated and got out… well. We all know the Kirijo have a special fondness for leaving multigenerational messes to clean up."

"Everyone should avoid this specific area on their maps, give it at least a kilometer or two of latitude. Don’t mention this to any of the late arrivals, either, if you can help it. There’s no reason to expect anything dangerous might be there, but… Let’s just not go and find out, alright? I dunno, I’d rather stick by the beach myself, anyway."

Having more or less finished his bit of information about where they were going, he took his seat again, nodding to Riku, who stepped up to take over the last bit of the briefing; his specialty. The fun stuff.

"Okay~ With that said, there’s just an absolute ton to do when we get there! Starting tomorrow, we’ve got the run of this entire area for two solid days, and feel free to use that time in whatever manner entertains you and your friends best. Stay in and play X-BOX for a bit? That’s alright. Play spin the bottle or truth or dare or even, God forbid, a little King’s Game of your own? Perfectly fine, as well. Drink yourself into a stupor? That’s fine. Just make sure not to get much, or any, if you’re planning to actually head out into the water. Also make sure to buddy up, at least."

It seemed like a lot of the guests already knew, more or less, what they were going to do come tomorrow. They were going to barely beat sunset into the harbor, so tonight probably wasn’t an option, given how much stuff there was to sort out and check in and all of that… but bright and early tomorrow, the trip really began, in earnest.

Broken from looking at each other and planning among themselves, the party looked over as some of the crew started calling out. Land was ahead, and coming up fast.

They were about to put in at their destination. The captain of the transport vessel wandered aft, and in accented kansai-ben, bade them welcome to Yakushima.


» The initial party has made landfall and debarked! Most of their stuff has been sent ahead to the house, and there isn’t much time left to do anything tonight… but bright and early tomorrow, you’re free to pretty much do anything short of capital crimes in this slice of paradise!

» Where will you go? What will you do? Best make some plans and plots and whatnot. If you make a sub-group on Skype, please send the logs to crimson-wildcard. If you use the main group, it’ll be logged, too; let’s record this little experiment.

» If you’re using tumblr to RP for the next two days under this event, please tag every single post with Yakushima13 so that it’s easier to keep track of, oh, everything. We’ll be trying to keep track of who’s in, who’s out, who’s dropping or picking it up, and all of that. Anyone can feel free to join in the festivities and strike up a starter or ask to join an existing thread at any time.

»This event runs until I conclude it, past midnight my time, as it becomes Monday, the 28th. Until then, have fun, do as you please, and let’s see exactly how well (or poorly) this whole idea will work!

Waking Up in a Paradise


Suspecting he was the first of the group to even wake up, Shuu Satonaka finds himself in the kitchen brewing up a big old batch of coffee before the sun has even risen on the first day of the Yakushima trip. He knows that just going the hell back to bed is the better idea; but there’s coffee to be made.

Besides, he is more than a little excited about all of this. While he’s not sure what the future brings, this sort of trip isn’t the sort of thing that just happens everyday. Trying not to make too much noise, he doesn’t want to wake up anyone on the floors above, if he can help it, gliding back and forth with the precision and speed that can only come to someone who’s well-trained in using his body, to hurt or help others.

This seemed like a decent opportunity to explore the house, too; something he did a little of during the unloading, unpacking, and preparing last night,  but really, he felt like he had the run of the place for a little bit. It wasn’t long before he was back in the dining room, however, sitting with a big batch of coffee and reaping the benefits.

At least this would keep him awake if he wanted to be… or found a reason to stay up so early, and maybe catch the sunrise.

Yakushima 2013 - Time Extension

In retrospect this should have been a huge Skype group activity or whatever; or, at the very least, it’s amazingly obvious that even twice the time we took for the King’s Game isn’t nearly enough to do almost anything. So, there’s no real reason we can’t extend the time; the event will now run, eh. To next week and maybe longer.

As always, everyone is free to join in at any point. If you’re shy about it or want to join in but don’t know people, please come directly to hotelbravolima or crimson-wildcard about it and we’ll see what we can do for you. OCs welcome, other fandoms welcome, everyone pretty much, as long as folks are willing to RP with you and you’re not a jerk or imposing on others.

Basically, it’ll still be like two or three days IC, but just, no time pressure at all for this event or whatever; none of us need any more pressure if we can help it and all that. Just try and have fun, and to everyone who’s participated so far in any way, thank you for making it all pay off in terms of the work to push this and organize it and drag people together and all of that.