Open RP

Yakedo woke up rather early the next morning. He had to get ready for school after all. Education in the Fire Nation was compulsory for most areas, the only exceptions being remote rural towns. Generally, the average student finished at 17.

He pondered the waterbender from yesterday’d words. Other nations had their benders trained? Without having to pay? Yakedo thought about this. He doubted this was the case with the Earth Kingdom, although they would never admit it, they were the nation most similar to the Fire Nation. The Water Tribes? Maybe. It seems like something they would do.

But speaking to that waterbender had inspired Yakedo. It wasn’t his parents fault he couldn’t be trained, but damn it, he wanted to be. So the answer was simple. The best way to learn was through experience. Yakedo would travel through the Fire Nation, throughout the whole world if necessary, and learn that way. Who knows? Maybe he would find a teacher on the way.