Stormy guys...
  • jay5h*****:the same storm guy
  • perfectly_zak****:lol
  • ai_mi_*****1:haha
  • jay****:I used an ignoring button again to him
  • ninomiy4r4shi:he's a storm guy?
  • perfectly_zak****:yes, exactly the same one lol
  • perfectly_zak****:over and over again lol
  • ninomiy4r4shi:oh! i thought there were only 5 of them.
  • perfectly_zak****:yep lol
  • perfectly_zak****:HAHAHAHA

anonymous asked:

Hi Ichi you once said "There are many evidences which pointed out that no JYJ member is more popular than Yunho or Changmin when it comes to JP." Can you explain what are those evidences please?

Concert attendances, korean releases sales, youtube views, yahoojp & google search keywords, twipple trends, fanclub membership.