One year already, huh?

Well, apparently this blog turned one last Sunday? I’m quite surprised how fast that was. Certainly much longer than my first one. haha. Wasn’t as active as I was before around here, but ah well, it was still a good year. And it was certainly fun rummaging through all my posts. Thanks for sticking around, and here’s to another year, yes? :)

been napping all morning and now finally eating something and drinking coffee and I feel weirdly calm except for the part where I start to cough so hard I can’t breathe every now and then

my fever is completely gone now though yaaaaaayy

anonymous asked:

You are loved and people want to be around you you are not a bother here's a cookie *hands you a cookie*

yaaaaaayy thank you anon *eats cookie*

Art and Junk

Ugh wow my “art” is sure improving well damn if I had my 1st thing I drew, and thought was the best drawing ever and compare it to now… Well fuck I’m improving yaaaaaayy!

*eating cake while being sarcastic*

One day I’ll be able to get a tablet and draw my favorite YouTubers and artist in my weird art style.

*looks off into the distance*