"Brooklyn! Hurry up man." Comin’ out tha bathroom wit dat make up shit all on ha face she glared at me rollin’ ha eyes goin’ back in tha bathroom. "Im’a lea ya ass jus’ watch." Ha ya gon’ be late ta ya own sista shit, that ya threw on top a that.

"Oh my god! August shut up." I chuckled, I been fuckin’ wit ha all day. "Ya mad?" Slammin’ tha bathroom door I laughed loudly hearin’ ha complain on tha otha side.

"Nah ya mad as hell." Fingering ma’ hands through ma hair I licked ova ma lips givin’ ma self a once ova. A nigga was lookin’ good as fuck, as usual.

Ploppin’ down on ha bed I grabbed ma phone unlockin’ it. Ma shit been on ten eva since I left NOLA a couple weeks ago. I already knew why and I wasn’t bout ta deal wit it wit B only two feet away from me.

I swea’ she hea’ jus’ about everything. Ignorin’ most a ma messages I went ta ma calendar. B suggested it since she claim ha I’m always fa’gettin’ sum’n. I won’t tell ha dat it be comin’ in clutch as fuck. She ain’t gon’ do nun’n but rub it in ma face.

Tha bathroom door opened and B came out wit a pout on ha face. “Man wha’s wrong na?” She frowned ha face up ha eyes waterin’. I hated when she was on dat time of tha month. She get emotional as hell and everything make ha cry, I mean everything. On tha plus side I was happy cause I thought she was pregnant fa a minute. As much as I play wit ha about it Gi and I ain’ ready fa no kids. We ain’ een got tha time.

"C’mere man." Sittin’ on ma lap I held ha against me takin’ in ha sweet scent. Gi always smelled like a baby mixed in wit tha lotion shit she be wearin’. I’on kno wha’ it’s called, I jus’ know it when I see it.

Movin’ ha straight hair ta one side of ha neck I kissed ha exposed skin makin’ ha giggle. “Wha’s wrong Gi?”

"My hair. It’s terrible and my dress too tight. I want to cry cause these cramps is killing me and I’m bleeding and this tampon is uncomfortable and Kai has everybody wearing white. Who does this?" Maybe I asked tha wrong question, I wasn’t tryna hea’ all that to be honest. Lickin’ ma lips I squeezed tha inside of ha thigh. "Ya hair not terrible Gi. Ya still look beautiful n’ if ya wasn’t on dis shit i’d make luh ta ya n’ we a really be late ta ya sista party. Ya only got four mo’ days n’ ya a be back ta normal."

She looked at me wit’ a blank expression on ha face befo she smiled, dimples deepenin’ and all. “I’m not going to even ask how you know but thank you Auggie pumpkin.” Kissing my cheek she stood up ha ass na in ma face.

Smackin’ ha ass she squealed while I watched it jiggle. “Damn babeh wit’cho thick ass.” She chuckled but I was bein’ serious B’s ass was swallowin’ up tha black boy shorts she wore. I grinned, “ya man be puttin’ in work.”

Bitin’ ha bottom lip she shook ha head ha long ass hair slappin’ ha face. “He does but his pull out game is all types of weak.” I frowned as she put on ha dress. “Ma pull out game ain’ weak ya pussy jus’ good as fuck.”

"Oh my God why are you so vulgar?" Laughter in her voice she slipped ha feet in ha heels befo standin’ ta ha full height.

I ain’ answer ha question right away cause I was in a trance starin’ at ma babeh. Wit a body like a goddess and skin so smooth and gorgeous I was wit’out a doubt tha luckiest man in tha world. “Cause I’m me.” Rollin’ ha eyes she grabbed ha ringing phone throwin’ me tha keys. “It was rhetorical..hello.” Chucklin’ I grabbed ma hat placin’ it on ma head makin’ sho I had ma wallet and phone, leavin’ out tha room.

"I know Kai we not even late like that. We’ll be there in like twenty minutes. Ten if I drive." I could hea’ Kai in tha background and whateva she was sayin’ made B roll ha eyes. "Fine we’ll be there in twenty minutes." I chuckled, nobody really fuck wit B when she drive cause she can’t. I rather walk to be honest than to ride wit B. She’on kno wha’ a speed limit is and she got bad road rage. I value ma’ life to much.

"I’m not that bad so Aug stop thinking it and Kai shut up." Hangin’ up tha phone she put it in ma pocket placin’ ha small hand in mine.

"You look really handsome baby.” Thankin’ ha I glanced down at ha short frame kissin’ ha cheek.

"Ya parents comin’?" She nodded slidin’ in tha car when I opened tha door up fa ha. Shuttin’ it I walked ova ta tha drivers side gettin’ in and startin’ it befo pullin’ off.

"Yes, I’m nervous Anthony." She mumbled lowly, if tha music was up a little louder I would’na heard ha.

"Why ya nervous?" I wasn’t, they gon’ eitha luh me or not like me and eitha way it go i’on really care. It’a be cool fa ha moms and pops ta think I’m good fa they daughter but at tha end of tha day it’s Gi’s decision. "I just know my parents and this can either go good or really bad. It’s no in between with them."

Squeezin’ ha hand reassuringly I kept ma eyes on tha road but felt ha eyes on me. “Stop stressin’ Giselle e’rything gon’ be coo’. Ya trust me?”

"Yes." She quickly answered, "a’ight then relax babeh girl." She nodded lettin’ out a small ok. Content wit ha answer we drove anotha thirty minutes ta tha hotel wit’ B singin’ off key tha entire time.


"I don’t understand why I can’t be your opening act." I chuckled waving valet off. I ain’ need him opening tha door fa Gi. "You rude too." Shruggin’ I tossed him tha keys tho not unaware of tha occasional flashes goin’ off from tha papz. "I ain’ rude, n’ ya not gon’ be a openin’ act." Lookin’ up at me she rolled ha eyes playfully.

Makin’ our way into tha hotel we went up ta tha front desk. “How can I help you?” Finally lookin’ up feel tha computer tha lil niggas eyes landed on B movin’ from ha face ta tha front of ha dress. I let em fa all a two seconds befo clearin’ ma throat n pullin’ Gi close ta me, who wasn’t payin’ neither of us any attention. He ain’ make eye contact wit me but he stopped lookin’ at Gi and I chuckled.

Leanin’ inta me she kept ha eyes glued ta ha phone, “Jay and Kai engagement party. Can you make sure someone checks the guest list?” She mumbled finally lookin’ up at him sittin’ ha phone on tha counter. Clearin’ his throat he nodded hesitantly not lookin’ at B and I chuckled. “Yes, anything else.” B nodded, “you see those two security guards.” Lookin’ in tha direction she was pointing he nodded, “yes ma’am.” Gi wrinkled ha nose but ain’ say nothin’. “Make sure they do their job for me ok?” He nodded again this time finally lookin’ at ha then at me. “Thanks, sweetie.” Tha lil nigga blushed befo’ mumbled sum’n unda his breath and walkin’ away. “He was so shy and cute, anyway Kai said they two minutes away.” I nodded hea’ing nothing but loud commotion as we got closer to tha door.

She handed me tha large gift bag fixin’ ha hair. “How I look?” Glancin’ at ha I smiled, “beautiful na come on.” Blushin’ she kissed ma cheek stoppin’ in front of tha two security guards. They reminded me of T in a way but dese niggas was way bigga. “Lil B.” Brook grinned, “hi uncle Tonio.” Standin’ on tha tip of ha heels she kissed his cheek befo’ introducin’ us. “Uncle Tonio this my boyfriend August. Babe, this my uncle.” He dapped me up befo’ nodding at us. “I know who you are my daughter talk about you all the time. She say she part of alsina nation or something like that.” B chuckled and I grinned, I always think it’s dope how hard ma fans go n’ how they always showin’ a yungin’ love. “Kendell so cute she here?” He shook his head no, “she with her mom she wanted to come though.” Afta talkin’ ta ha uncle fa a minute we finally walked inside. Like I expected jus’ about all eyes was on us. I was use to it so I jus’ followed behind B lettin’ ha lead tha way.

It wasn’t a lot of people at all, but I ain know most of them. B did a good job wit decoratin’ this place. Wit tha colors bein’ gold and wha’ looked like a off white, pictures of Kai and Jay was placed up in various places. In tha middle of tha room against tha wall was the words bouncing of tha projector in gold that said 'Congratulations Jay & Kai.'

B pulled ma hand and I looked at ha makin’ ha giggle. “Wha’s up?” “Nothing, we’re going to say hi to my auntie and cousins and then we can sit down.” I nodded, “wha’eva ya wan’ babeh.”

Ha cheeks darkened and she pulled us in tha direction of whea’ ha auntie was sitting. “Well if it isn’t my niece and her handsome boyfriend.” I grinned, “hey August.” She stood up pullin me into a hug. Chucklin’ cause she had all this strength I pulled away. “Hey auntie Kirsten.” A bright smiled graced ha face and like B she had dimples as well. “But what about me?” B pouted and Kirsten rolled ha eyes pullin’ a spoiled Brook inta ha hold. “You so spoiled.”

"Brook!!" Lookin’ at tha person who screamed ha name I had ta look again. She looked exactly like B but ha hair was dark brown and she was darker than ha. "My baby Nelle." She squealed hugging her tightly. "I missed you."

"I missed you too. You forgot about me." Brook chuckled and I noticed tha girl had a thick accent. She low key sounded like Rihanna. "That’s not true, I be busy." "Mhmm sure. Now I know I told you to move but damn lil cousin you did good. I’m Janelle but call me Nelle or bae your preference. I prefer bae."

I laughed and nodded ma head. “Wha’s good shawty?” Janelle grinned and blushed fanning ha self. “Praise him!” “Janelle!” She frowned jerkin ha head back and starin’ at B who look unamused. “What? I don’t want him, I just like messing with you.” Brook rolled ha eyes bitin’ tha inside of ha cheek. “Anyway, ya seem cool I like ya music and all that good stuff. As long as you treating my baby cousin right we won’t have no problems. I got a squad like you feel me?” Lickin’ ma lips all I could do was stare at shawty and chuckle. She was shorter than B by a couple’a inches but she was a feisty lil thang. It had ta be dat Carribean blood. “Yea, I feel ya lil homie.”

"Coo’ cause I would hate for ya fan base to lose they fave." Brooklyn giggled shaking her head. "Nelle stop always threatening people." Janelle grinned, "it’s all love, y’all cute though." "Thank you Nelle this why you my favorite cousin."

"Mhmm sure but you don’t come see me. Anyway, I think you should go see your dad he’s been glaring at you since you got here." B’s body tensed up and she shifted in ha stance.

"I know." It was all she said and nobody questioned ha afta dat. Instead, B had us goin’ and sayin’ hey ta everybody befo’ we finally made it ta tha table. By this time Kai and Jay were here and B still ain’ go ova ta ha moms and pops.

"Hi lil brudder" Kai mumbled sittin’ down next ta us. "Wha’ up preggers." She sucked ha teeth pushin’ ma head ta tha side. "Anyway, Brooklyn don’t you think you should go say something to them." Placin’ a piece of steak in ha mouth she nodded.

Afta she swallowed ha food she stared at Kai rubbin’ ha stomach. She ain’ een look like she was four months pregnant. “Why you get to wear red?” She was fa’eva avoidin’ sum’n she ain’ wan’a deal wit. Kai rolled ha eyes, “I don’t see how you do it Aug.”

"It take a lot of prayer." B mouth dropped followed by ha poutin’ and Kai laughed loudly. "I’m playin’ babeh." Pullin’ ha closer ta me I kissed ha cheek. "I’m not that bad."

"Anyway, Brook go introduce them to Aug and stop avoiding it." Pushin’ ha chair back she grabbed ma hand and I helped ha up out ha chair.

"Just so cute. Let me find my baby daddy."

"I told you to stop calling me that shit Kai." Jay came out a nowhere makin’ Kai jump slightly and roll ha eyes. "Wha’ gud fam?" Dappin’ ma nigga Jay up B and Kai watched us interact with amusement. "Shit, aye thanks and shit fa bein’ one of groomsman. I appreciate it."

"It’s coo’ man ya welcome." "Aww y’all so cute."

"Chill midget." Shaking ha head B waved Jay off and looked at me. "Well come on." Lacin’ ha hand in mine she walked us ova ta ha parents who seemed ta be in a heated conversation.

Since ha pops was facin’ us he was tha first ta look up at us. His gaze went straight ta his daughter and tha coldness in his eyes softened jus’ tha slightest. I had already came ta tha conclusion that B was his baby and he wasn’t ‘bout ta let a yungin’ like me jus’ take ha away from him.

His eyes looked away from ha and down ta ha hands and ta our hands. B took a deep breath next to me squeezing ma hand and puttin’ on a fake smile. “Nahim what are you loo-” turning around she was identical to Brooklyn. Beautiful just like ha too. She was B’s height and tha same complexion. Standing up she walked ova ta B wrapping ha arms around ha. Letting B hand go Gi hugged ha mama jus’ as tight.

"I missed you mommy." She kissed ha cheek befo pullin’ away. "It’s been forever baby." B smiled lookin’ past ha moms.

"C’mere Princess." Ha dad stood up and towerin’ ova ha moms. He was taller than me and it looked like all he did was hit tha gym. "I’m sorry daddy."

"It’s ok Princess." His thick accent reminded me of ha cousin Janelle. I stood off ta tha side quietly letting them have they moment until B’s mom looked ova at me. "It’s nice to finally put a face to a name." B already told me ha moms didn’t listen nor did she follow entertainment or celebrities, even if she was one herself. "I’m Taija, but you can call me Mrs. Castillo." I smiled, "it’s nice meeting you Mrs. Castillo. I see whea’ Brooklyn gets ha beauty from." She blushed and smiled, she had dimples like B. Ha long blonde hair was styled in a ponytail that seemed ta neva end makin’ ha look more Chinese. She didn’t look at ha age at all. Ha style was even dope. A white suit and some heels that looked expensive is all she wore, with a couple a diamonds here and there.

"Baby." Lookin’ away from ha moms I looked at B who motioned fa me ta come here. Walkin tha shirt distance ova ta ha she smiled. "Daddy this is my boyfriend August. August this is my daddy Nahim." Holdin’ ma hand out I shook his hand. Keepin’ ma grip jus’ as firm as his.

"Nice ta meet you sir." A hint of smile played on his face but it jus’ as fast as it came, it left. "Respectful I like that." I nodded lettin’ his hand go. "Princess, I think someone was looking for you." B raised her eyebrow in confusion. "Who?" Ha dad shrugged, "not sure ask Kai." "Whatever, you can say I want to talk to him alone." Ha dad chuckled, kissing ha forehead. "Go head." "Ok, but be nice ok." He nodded but B didn’t believe him.

"Promise?" "Promise Princess." Satisfied she kissed ha dad cheek and then mine befo’ walkin’ away.

As soon as B was out’a view we sat down me takin’ a seat across from him. Clearin’ his throat he motioned ta one of tha many servers ta come ta tha table befo askin’ if I wanted anything.

I ain’ really want nothin but I still ordered a glass a red wine. Afta tha waiter left B’s pops finally said sum’n. “I’m just gone cut to the chase. I know about you and where you come from. I don’t think you’re right for my daughter but I know Brooklyn and she’s going to go against everything I said and continue to see you even if I tell her not to.”

I guess he was waitin’ ta get a reaction out a me but he wasn’t. Out of respect I was gon’ let him continue befo’ I said anything. With tha glass now in his hand he took a drink of the strong ass liquor placing it back on tha table. “Brooklyn’s my youngest and she wears her heart on her sleeve…” He chuckled faintly a distant look in his eyes as his gaze traveled to both Kai and Brook who were now talking to Kiana. “But that’s my babygirl.” I’on think B’s pops had a problem wit’ me per-say I think he jus’ wasn’t ready ta let ha go. Kai was ‘bout ta be married and B was doin’ ha own shit. Clearin’ ma throat I took off ma hat placin’ it on ma lap.

"Wit’ all due respect sir, like I said befo’ I would neva intentionally hurt Brooklyn. She got ma’ heart jus’ as much as I got hers. Ma’ past ain’ pretty but it ain’ sum’n I’m ashamed of eitha it’s wha’ made me inta tha man I am ta’day. I promise you that Brooklyn’s in good hands, she’ll hurt me befo I hurt ha." Somethin’ I neva confessed out loud.

B’s dad looked impressed. “Ya got’a lot of heart kid and I appreciate that. A man of few words but I can see that you really do love my baby girl.” I nodded, “yea, I luh ha spoiled self.” He laughed shakin’ his head. “Definitely spoiled and stubborn too.” I kicked it wit ha pops fa while he was coo’ afta ya got ta kno’ him. He had a chill demeanor about him but ya tell he wasn’t afraid ta get his hands dirty especially when it came ta his girls, which is why I wasn’t ashamed ta tell em about dat fuck nigga dat called himself threatenin’ B.

We stopped our conversation when B came ova ta us. She frowned but didn’t say anything. “Anyway, it was nice meeting you August remember what I said.” B grinned ha almond eyes sparkling wit happiness. “You like him.” Ha dad nodded and B squealed hugging him. “See I knew you would.”

"I know Princess now even though I’m ok with it please don’t call me two months later saying your pregnant or engaged." Kissin’ his cheek she nodded. "I’m not daddy I promise. Anyway, before you and mommy leave I need to talk to you two." He nodded, "I have a meeting with a couple of people I’ll call you and let you know when." Rolling her eyes she mumbled a low ‘sure’ standing up.

I guess that was my que ta get up wit ha cause she looked at me like she was waitin’ fa me. “

Standin’ up I put ma hat back on followin’ behind ha ma eyes really followin’ dat ass though.

"What were you and my dad talking about?" Befo’ I could respond a few people came up ta me askin’ fa a picture and autograph. Brook smiled stepping back and lettin’ me kick it wit ma fans fa a minute.

"Can you answer my question now?" I shook ma head, "na, let’s go back in tho ya sista ‘prolly lookin fa ya." She had a attitude but she still did wha’ I said.

"Ok now that everyone is all here. I just want to give everyone a big thank you who came out and celebrated our engagement. Jay and I are really blessed to have a loving great friends and family. We want to personally thank the maid of honor and best man for putting this entire event together for us."

"I’ll send you my bill." B replied makin’ jus’ about everybody laugh. Kai rolled ha eyes befo Jay cleared his throat helping her stand up. "Kai and I also wanted you all to be the first to know what we’re having. Brook?" She nodded, "I’ll be back." I nodded watching ha stand up and walk away from our table.

She motioned fa Korri, who I rememba was tryna talk ta ha a while back ta get up. I wasn’t too concerned wit him but I still wasn’t takin’ ma eyes off ha. Kiana who was sittin’ next ta us laughed in ma ear. “You so jealous.” I frowned, “I ain’.”

"Whatever Alsina. Why you staring so hard?"

"Cause I can." She smacked ha lips, "Mhmm it’s cause ya jealous. You should appreciate the fact niggas want her. Broads too." She quickly added, makin’ me look at ha.

Kia was definitely bad but all I could see ha as was part of tha squad. She was tha homie and she Trey lil sista. “Kia chill.” She grinned and smiled, “What? I’m just saying yung. You got the hottest chick in the game wearing ya chain.” She rapped makin’ me laugh. “You know it’s true, and she only got eyes for you…and me.” I sucked ma teeth.

"Ya tryna tell me sum’n Kia." She chuckled, "don’t do me nigga. I like dick." I frowned and scrunched up ma face. "Nigga. I’on wan’a hea’ dat shit." She cackled lowly shruggin’ ha shoulders. "Oh well ya can’t unhear now can you?"

B came back thankfully wit a big bag in ha hand. Korri was in front of ha rollin’ sum’n on a silver cart. “Thanks Midget.” Stickin’ ha tongue out she handed him tha bag sittin’ back down between Kia and I.

Clearin’ his throat ta get everybody attention he finally said sum’n “Kai and I will be having a beautiful baby girl November 22.” I sucked ma teeth while everyone cheered and clapped. B held ha hand out, a smirk on ha face. “Ya knew?” Gi shrugged, “It’on matter ya lost hand me my money.” Digging in ma pocket I grabbed tha stack pullin’ out three hundreds and placin’ it in ha hands. “Yo lil cheatin’ ass.” She chuckled, tuckin’ it in ha dress.

"This right here is just a lil something to show my appreciation to my future wife." Handing ha tha bag she ain’ een give ma nigga a chance ta put it in ha hands befo she ripped it opened. Wit’out pullin’ it out fa everybody ta see she let out an almost identical scream like B did droppin’ it and huggin’ Jay.

"Thank you, baby daddy!!" Jay clenched his jaw but nodded. "Welcome." "Dang Kai is you gone show us or nah?" Kai’s best friend who I met earlier asked. "Shut up Chantel I am.” Afta she said that she held up tha Burberry bag wit ha name on tha front.

"Oohh let me have it." B asked but Kai ignored ha wavin’ ha sista off. Tha rest of tha night was chill and shit I even got B ta give a yungin’ a lap dance when we got back ta ha crib.

I ain’ realize tha shit was gon’ backfire tho cause she was on dat bullshit and I couldn’t really get ma’ dick wet tha way I wanted ta.

"I don’t want you to leave me next month." Droppin’ ma hands down ta ha ass I grabbed a handful through tha grey sweat pants she was wearin’ makin’ ha moan in ma ear. "Ma lil freak." She chuckled softly hidin’ ha face in ma neck. "Ya spoiled Gi." She shrugged lazily tracin’ that tattoo on ma chest. "I blame you. Anyway, I can really be your opening act. Teyana said she gon’ let me be hers."

Chuckling I yawned makin’ ha frown and cover ma mouth. “Word. When y’all figua dis out?” “Don’t worry about it. Jus’ know im’a open up for her.”

Amused I let ha think whateva she wanted befo closin’ ma eyes. “Nooo wake up.” Opening my eyes wit ha fingers I pushed ha hands away. “Stop bein’ annoyin’.”

"Nope. That’s what you get for messing with me all day." I sucked ma teeth, "ya petty."

"I get it from you." Wit’out warning ha I flipped us ova so I was now layin’ on top of ha. "Noo ma stomach still hurt and yo head too big." I chuckled, "ma head ain’ big yo head big." Pullin’ ma ear I smacked tha shit out ha thigh makin’ ha scream. "You abusive, you not suppose to hit me back."

"Well I can’t use ma d-" "goodnight August." I laughed slidin’ ma hands unda ma t-shirt she wore. "Why ya be cuttin’ me off?" "Cause you nasty."

"But..im’a lea’ dat alone." Tha light from tha tv was tha only source of light in tha room so I was able ta see tha blush dat rose on ha cheeks. "Go to bed." She mumbled turnin’ off tha tv. "I can’t na." She chuckled playin’ in ma hair not realizing it was makin’ me sleepy.

"But the way you just got comfortable let me know otherwise. It’s cool you wanna stay up with yo bomb ass girlfriend. I peep."

"Ya right Gi." Clickin’ ha tongue against ha teeth, "you not cute." Ignorin’ ha I lifted up hoverin’ ova ha small frame.

Placin’ ma lips on hers ma tongue grazed across ha bottom lip ta which she parted ha mouth lettin’ me slip ma tongue in ha warm mouth.

Wit ha arms around ma neck she pulled me completely on top of ha throwin’ one leg around ma waist. B, fucked it up by yawning in ma mouth followed by dat ugly ass cacklin’. “Bruh.” Gi rubbed ha eyes sleepily, yawning again. “Ya tired?” Wit ha eyes closed she nodded ha head yes. “Go ta sleep.” “I wanna lay on you this time.” Rollin’ off ha she crawled on top of me ha face in ma neck. “Ya comin’ ta this video shoot wit me?” She shrugged, “want me to?” “Yeah.” I mumbled wit’out really thinkin’ about it. “Well I’ll be there. Can we go to sleep now, or you just tryna stay up and hear my voice.”

"Nah, lemme take ma ass ta sleep."

"Don’t do me." Na she kno she set ha self up but she still bout ta yell ‘you nasty Aug’.

"I kno’ I can’t do ya, we would’na been havin dis conversation instead a nigga would’a been deep in dem guts."

"You nasty Aug." I mimicked ha makin’ ha laugh lookin’ like some type of goddess right na. "Luh ya Gi."

"I love you too..sometimes."

"A’ight keep on."

"I’m playing I love you too even though you get on my everlasting nerves and make me want to slap you."

I pinched ha thigh makin’ ha move ha leg. “Word. Even tho ya get on a nigga nerves n’ be makin’ me wanna choke ya lil ass I still luh ya babeh.”

She chuckled, “can we go to sleep forreal this time?”

"A’ight yea chill wit dat snorin’ shit tho ya sound like ya be dyin."

"Go to bed August. You like a little kid right now."

She was gettin mad cause she couldn’t go ta sleep. “A’ight let me stop fa ya start cryin. Gimmie kiss.” Wit a annoyed sigh she moved ha head ha lips touchin mine. My tongue roamed ha mouth lazily feelin’ ma self become tired.

I pulled away and not even a couple minutes did I hea’ B’s light snores. Lickin’ ma lips I threw ma arm ova me eyes leaving tha otha laid across B’s back ma hand restin in ha sweats. Content since ma girl was in tha comfort of ma arms I fell asleep wit’out a care in tha world dat night.



I literally felt like a child who was pulled from school because it was take your child to work day. Sitting in the directors chair I swung my legs back and forth watching August sing to the lyrics of ‘No Love Remix’ while he sat in the gorgeous living room that I wanted. I still preferred the original version better but the remix was actually growing on me.

"You look so bored." Looking at the video model I nodded, "I am." I mumbled still not paying her any mind. I was confused as to why she was talking to me but whatever.

"And cut." I mocked the director while playing a game on my phone. August came over to me his arms on either side of my chair. "Ya good?" I nodded, "you ask me this every time he says cut." He chuckled and shrugged, "I’m just making sure you straight. Nicki a be here in a minute." Now here’s the thing about Nicki, I love her I really do but I won’t lie when it comes to her and Aug I’m not ashamed to admit I feel a certain way.

"I love ya Gi." I smiled lookin’ up at him, he was so beautiful to me. "I love you too." He kissed my nose and lips before he had to go change.

After about a good thirty minutes Nicki had arrived so they could finally finish the video. The chemistry between them was…hmm I don’t really know but it was whatever. “You must be Brooklyn?” She came up to me and I nodded. She was gorgeous I’ll salute a beautiful girl in a heartbeat I’m not with the hating shit. “Yes.” She smiled her dimples deepening. “Yung is lucky you’re beautiful..hmm might have to take you from him.” We both laughed and I started to feel bad for my previous thoughts. “You can have me.” She smirked, “damn babeh like dat.” He laid his accent on extra thick making me blush yet nod.

Nicki grinned at us before she had to go and do her solo scene but not before telling me that we were going on a date just to make Aug mad. “See n’ ya was sittin’ hea lookin’ mad fa wha’?” I sighed, “ok I was wrong but what did you expect?”

"Fa ya ta undastand I only got eyes fa yo bipolar ass." Pushin’ him away from me he chuckled making his way back over to me. "Bye Anthony." Quickly kissing me he left me and I rolled my eyes. He’s so annoying.

"Carry me?" Jumping on his back he held me up by my ass walking us to the restaurant we were meeting my parents. T was with us but he walked in front of us. "T you got cake." Aug chuckled and T body shook letting me know he was laughing.

"You tryna flirt wit me lil bit." I giggled and nodded, "yeah the picture on IG did it for me." They both laughed. "Shut up Brook."

"Why I got’a shut up Aug the one who showed me. He was talking about you." He smacked his lips, "so ya just gone go against tha grain." I laughed so ugly resting my chin on his shoulder. "Yes!" He let me go almost dropping me but didn’t and I screamed. "You a asshole why would you do that?" He laughed shrugging his shoulders. "Ya sound white. ‘You a asshole why would you do that?’" His impersonation of me was terrible he made my voice sound annoying and had the audacity to move his head around like a true bird.

"Y’all both childish." T muttered, he sounds like an annoyed father who was dealing with two little kids. "Y’all both childish." Aug and I said at the same time before laughing. T shook his head and ignored us the entire walk to the restaurant.

"My beautiful parents your favorite child has arrived or whatever." I suggested we meet at one of my favorite low key restaurants and like the very private person he is my dad had half the restaurant shut down. Not sure why but I didn’t care it was needed after I dropped the news on them.

Sitting down, I told T he had to sit with us so I could continue messing with him to which he laughed to. “Where your clothes Brooklyn?” Looking down at the grey tight fitted sweat pants and my black crop top I frowned. “On my body.” I hope he wasn’t thinking I was about to get dressed up. Especially when my lovely best friend who drops by unannounced every month was here and torturing the hell out of my stomach.

Choosing to let me be he focused his attention on Aug. I still wanted to know what they were talking about last night, but since they’re both secretive I’ll never find out.

I was happy that my parents took to Aug. Truthfully even if they didn’t I would’ve still been with Aug. After everyone said their ‘hi’s’ and ordered their food I waited until my dad was on his third glass of scotch and my mom was on her second glass of dirty Martini before I finally decided to make my big announcement.

"I’m changing my major." I blurted out. If I wasn’t so scared I would’ve laughed at my daddy’s reaction. He broke the glass, like in his hand he broke it. "Shit!" I mumbled under my breath. "You want to run that back one more time." I shook my head no absentmindedly scooting my chair away from him.

Now my dad has never ever put his hands on any of us but the man is scary when he’s pissed off. “It was rhetorical Brooklyn.” My mom waived the server over asking for another glass of martini but this time a glass of Vodka to go with it.

"I just don’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life. I want to be able to be my own boss. Work and travel when I want." My dad shook his head moving out the way so our waitress could clean the table and wiping his hands from the scotch with the napkin.

"Why the sudden change now Brooklyn. We sent you to New York to have a fresh start. Why?" Looking at August I quickly shook my head knowing his mind was going a mile of minute. "It’s not August, he has nothing to do with it, it’s something I’ve been thinking about since I’ve been in New York."

"Baby girl are you sure this is what you want?" My mom was gone but nobody else could tell but my dad and I. It hurts my heart seeing her like this. She was so beautiful and she was destroying herself with the help of my dad. "I’m positive mommy, I already emailed my academic advisor and I meet with them next month I start classes in September. I’ll have my masters in May."

My dad looked appalled and I sighed, “so you had this figured out already?” I nodded hesitantly feeling Aug squeeze my hand reassuringly. “Yes.” He shook his head getting up and walking away. I didn’t know what to say and I was so sick of crying.

Sighing sadly I sat back in my chair playing with my nails. Aug kissed my cheek before telling me he’ll be back. “Where you going?” Shaking his head he repeated that he’ll be back before leaving the table leaving it to be just T, my mom and I.

"You know how he is Brooklyn." "I know mom but isn’t my happiness more important?"

"Baby, you asking the wrong person. My happiness died a long time ago." The saddest shit I heard in all of my twenty one years. T cleared his throat and I looked at him. "Im’a go to the truck lil bit a’ight?" I nodded watching him leave.

"Mom please leave him." She shook her head, "no, I invested thirty years in this marriage. I’ve worked hard to keep this family together and I’m not going to let some young little bitch take away my hard work. I made your dad Brooklyn and she’s not going to come with the fake ass, breast and weave and take him away from me." My mom was so beautiful and I hated how my dad treated her. She did everything for him, she played her role as a wife. Keeping herself up; it was hard to believe she was pushing fifty one with a body that gave me a run for my money and skin so smooth my mom was a true goddess to me. I prayed that I could be the strong woman that she once was.

My eyes watered and I took my dads seat sitting next to my mommy. Pulling her into me she broke down in my arms. “Mommy.” I choked out wiping my eyes. “I’m pregnant Brooklyn and I’m not keeping it.”

The fuck.

Cosas Imposibles
  • Cosas Imposibles
  • Gustavo Cerati
  • Siempre Es Hoy

"Desde el punto de vista personal, fue un momento muy complicado: me separé, rompí mi relación de familia que tenía, ya no tenia mas mi casa, empecé a vivir en lugares no fijos, inicié una nueva relación. Todo eso mientras estaba haciendo el disco. Recuerdo que tenía como objetivo importante volver a enamorarme y sentirme así con una compañera. Al mismo tiempo, acababa de romper con algo que supuestamente tenia una intención duradera, y hablaba de "siempre"…
¿Qué es siempre?, cuando nos decíamos “te amo”, ¿era para siempre?, mi contestación era: “Bueno, siempre es hoy”. - Gustavo Cerati


said: apruebo esto bien hard omg <3 par de adorables


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jajajaja muchas gracias señoras y señores, aunque de ahora en adelante tendran que llamarme Gavrie(???) es el nombre de Fortuna!Garr en el AU de gemelos pero ignoren eso por favor(?)



awwright, aca tienen comprobante visual… mi pelo ya crecio un poco mas desde que me lo corte (tengo esa maldicion de que crece rapido), deberia haber sacado la foto en el momento pero no se me ocurrio… pero bueno, se entiende la idea (?)


disculpen la calidad asquerosa de la camara de mi celular pero no hay nada mejor que pueda hacer, porque ya tengo que huir a clases! *corre antes de que se le escape el bus*

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Ya no aguanto mas! Cada que mi mamá nos deja sola a mi y a mi hermanita con mi papá.. Es horrible. Desde pequeñas mi papá nos trata como basura cuando mi mamá no lo ve o no esta y nos golpea y hace cosas horribles. Hoy mi papá estaba enojado y para desquitarse me hizo que me tomara una olla de sopa solo para su diversion pero obviamente no podia tomarme todo eso asi que abrio mi boca y empezo a tirarme toda la sopa en la boca mientras yo me ahogaba y siento que ya es suficiente no se que hacer

En verdad es muy fuerte todo lo que me cuentas. Tienes que hablar con tu mamá y contarle lo que tu papá te hace. Si ella no te escucha, puedes hablar con algún familiar para que te ayuden, a tu hermana y a ti, a salir de esta casa y estar lo más posibles alejadas de tu papá. Lo mejor es que ya no vivas con él.