follow spree thingy yeah ~

so i just did the math and i follow about 12% of the amount of people following me. wow. so this whole me following people must be a pretty big deal???

anyway, i’m looking to follow blogs who post

  • arrow
  • olicity
  • flash
  • dc comics
  • older marvel comics

so what i was thinking is you can 

  • reblog this
  • like this
  • hit me up (i’ll give you mad props for your bravery)
  • follow me first

and i’ll check out your blog! i’ll try not to be too picky with my following because i’m rubbish at following people haha

if i follow you, it’d be super super rad if you follow me back! but you don’t have to. it’d just be rad. since i don’t follow many people and what not ♥