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Calum Hood Imagine: Teach Me - Part Four

Description: Requested. high school soccer Jock!Calum needs a tutor and the only person available is his dorky home schooled neighbor.  (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) Part Four: Crossing some boundaries

A/N: I couldn’t say ‘no’ to writing more after getting at least 5 requests so here ya go! (Request) // (Masterlist) // (Wattpad)

Rating: M (Smut Content)

After Calum left her house, Y/N laid in bed pondering on what to make of everything and all the emotions she was feeling. Her nerves still tingled and she could hear her heart pounding relentlessly against her chest; and it wasn’t just because of her and Calum’s recent activities.

In a matter of weeks her life had taken drastic turns and they were all because of her stupidly good looking neighbor whom she had met through his parents over some tutoring lessons. Back when she didn’t know Calum, even though he lived across the street, he seemed utterly unattainable.

Everything about Y/N’s life before was predetermined and scheduled by her parents while she suffered under years of adolescent repression. Calum was always changing and every time they met she learned something new about him. How we was actually pretty intelligent but extremely stubborn, or how he refused to do any of his homework in pen, or even the way he hated being corrected yet he craved guidance. Calum was absolutely unpredictable and what had started out as a means of rebellion for Y/N was turning into something so much more in which she couldn’t stop replaying every moment with him inside her head, inside of her.

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Rosier is the surname of a pure-blood wizarding family, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. It is French for rose tree or rose bush, and is a common surname in Francophone areas. It is also the name of a fallen angel who was considered the patron demon of tainted love and seduction. Like other pureblood families, each member of the Rosier clan was raised accordingly to their ideals of purity and superiority of blood. Muggles and those of tainted blood were to be deemed to be the scum of this planet and therefore and must be eradicated. They are related to the Black, Prince, Lestrange, and Malfoy families. Given these relations, as well as the participation of two Rosiers in the First Wizarding War as Death Eaters, it is likely that the Rosiers place great importance on their pure-blood heritage, disdain Muggles and Muggle-borns, and practice the Dark Arts.

Wow, I am already at 50 posts, in a span of only 4 months and some days. This amazes me because once upon a time, I was only making two or three posts a month and blogging didn’t even feel the same as it does now. I am speaking for myself, of course. I also did something kind of crazy today. I bought a beautiful skin line for a lot of Ls (to me), because it is full perm. I am not skilled when it comes to making anything. I don’t regret it because I am happy to be able to finally choose the tones that I want, rather than always being sadfaced about not being as satisfied when it comes to them. So this was one of the many tones that I have made for the skin, and probably one of my favs as well too!

hair: !lamb. Girlfriend In A Coma - Ink (tinted darker; 88L colorpacks at Collabor88 until Oct.7)
skin: Ohna’s skin - One (n/a)
eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Blackberry)
glasses: {mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black
top: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Cowled Silk Blouse {Yellow} (previous gift)
nails: Adam n Eve Yalonde Nails Mani & Pedi Chestnut (taken from Yolande skin)
bag: *Y’s HOUSE* Kago Bag 01 (khaki)_for Gacha
pants: fri.day - Ahoy.Capris (Stormy) (comes with prim ties; not worn)
shoes: [ROLY-POLY]-Jelly Beans- (L) yellow (free)
pose: estetica: dramatic

I only encountered Arizona’s Y//2//K half a year ago, but I’m incredibly grateful I did, because the producer offers up some fresh tracks that stand out from the pack. On his latest tune, he enlisted his buddy ronaldreagen, a producer from Los Angeles, to craft an out of the box remix of Kanye West classic Love Lockdown. Sure, it’s a song that’s been remixed and covered by half the world, with one of my favorite live covers coming from Glass Animals, but this deep, snapping future house and future bass rendition shoots right to the top of that long list. The original is already a dramatic piece, I mean, come on, it’s Yeezus. But Y//2//K and ronaldreagen transforms it into a steely, jagged monster of an intense track. It’s a far cry from some of the atmospheric, chill trap music I encountered on Y//2//K’s Soundcloud previously, demonstrating the rising producer’s versatility. Download the Love Lockdown remix for free, here.


Sofa & Chair: ‘Mrs Castaway’s’, Tatty Soup (vintage)

Tall plant: 'Croton’, Tatty Soup (vintage)

Table: 'Iron Centre Table’, *Y’s House*

Artwork: 'Vintage Frames’, *ionic* & 'Toronto’ bedroom canvas, BAZAR

Side Table: 'Thrift Store’ table, Tromp Loeil

Lamp: 'Branch light, rose’, Zigana (gatcha item)

Books: Apple Fall

Boxes & coloured pencils: 'Metallic boxes’, Kuro, (part of office set)

Basket: Woven teal basket, MudHoney

Mirrors: encore

Flowers in teacup: Teacup planter, ARIA, (Arcade gatcha)

Candle: 'Lost Shores’ candle, CIRCA*

Driftwood decor: 'Lost Shores’, CIRCA*

Seahorse decor: 'Lost Shores’, CIRCA*

Flowers (on centre table): [keke] lab vase (Chapter Four)

Typewriter: floorplan (Arcade gatcha)

Rug: Blue Floral Rug, {Cosy Essentials}

* review items

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❝ They don’t? ❞

He sounds nearly surprised by this answer, as if he was expecting her to agree. It’s certainly news to him, and he looks back towards the rickety edifices as if to confirm whether or not what she said was true.

❝ Are you sure? I can hear them. They remember. ❞

Should he play with her? No, no. That would be mean, though he knows that everyone would laugh, except maybe Sera herself. She was afraid. But she was mean too. In his own mind, he blamed Varric for this sense of impishness, though he knew deep that was mischievous enough without the dwarf’s aid.

❝ Maybe you should listen too. They might tell you something interesting. Or maybe you just can’t hear them, and that’s okay too, I guess. ❞