Sorry for the very scarce updates! I promise this hasn’t been forgotten, haha. I’m actually just swamped by Sam’s birthday project for this blog, and trying to get it all done before next week! Y’all gave me 40-ish presents to work with, so bear with me until his birthday passes. I’ll try to update here and there in-between, but be ready for some updating madness in the not-too-distant future…!! 

it is reallly annoying how if a club isn’t in-your-face and expensive and is lower than like 4th or 5th on the table people assume they’re bad or small or some shit y’all needa learn to not be so cocky and maybe expand ur horizons .2% because teams lower in the table beat those higher than them all the fucking time

no but seriously mark ruffalo is the kindest, sweetest, most generous person ever like you don’t see it all in the livestream but he kept coming back to the fans and signing as many autographs and taking as many selfies with the fans before the interviews and after the interviews and even when they all got to the second floor he stopped to sign and take pictures with some people from the balcony when everyone else had gone up the escalators to the cinemas ugh bless his precious heart what did we do to deserve someone as amazing as mark ruffalo


Just gonna drop this here then I’m off to bed!!!!!!

ayyyyyyy I finally got round to this! And it’s not awful! Yay!

So I hit 700 a while back and I thought it’d be nice if I could do something for the nice people on my dash who make my dash lovely yknow so here’s a follow forever to shower you guys with my love. I actually wanted to do a gifset sort of thing but I realize that’d take me a long while to master so yes here are some screencaps I edited slightly and added text on it yay. Credits for screencaps here and PSDs here and here.

Alphabetized for all your alphabetical following needs! (⊙‿⊙✿)

the bowties (because where would I be without you awesome cuties?)
forkanna | frozen-in-childhood | hellyeahpuckentine | somethinginthenothing

lovely people who I’m lucky and honored to be friends with
1993nicole | angelicmissile | durining | elsannafondue | errorlifenotfound | frozendiskord | gophersaurus | gryfon-spanish-werewolf | hellafandom | hellaheron | iarantaureo | istalir | jujudrops | kalyri | love-is-an-open-gate | oh-my-fork-why | queenelsa-fanfic-experimentationroaringredfrodopancakes | riseofthemeethaychawalrufus-the-magnificent | that-one-animator | theelementhero | ticktockgoes-the-clock | vanilux | yesimjimbob | youngandsupple | zombi02

irl friends who I’m surprised still follow my weird-ass blog or maybe they unfollowed idek I hope not HI GUYS
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other people I stalk admire from afar
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I would really like to thank you guys for following me, all 700+ of you ; u ; I know I’m an idiot so it makes me very happy that you guys will follow me okay thank you you wonderful people with wonderful hearts LET ME HUG YOU OKIE DOKIES

Wedding Complete!

After six years together, Mith and I finally tied the knot. Sure, the lead-up to the event caused no small amount of hand-wringing, but the day itself was fucking perfect.

Now my wife (wife wife wiiiiiife) and I are in San Francisco for our honeymoon, and though I am tired and a little nauseous from the plane ride, I am ridiculously and deliriously happy. I threw a great party with the woman I love, we promised to spend the rest of our lives together, and now we get to happily dork around in a city we’ve always wanted to visit. Can’t ask for more than that.

Kindness Tag!

>Rules: 1: This is a optional tag. 2:First get 10 or under tagged people of your choice. 3: Then complement the last person that tagged you. 4: Complement the tagged people of your choice. 5: Remember; BE KIND, NOT RUDE! This IS a kindess tag after all. 6: When done, tag 10 or under people of your choice.

1. ask-jeremyfitzgerald-fazbears simply wonderful and amazing, always barging down my door when I’m sad. Thank you for being awesome.

2. cutzy-clocken I remember way back whens you was one of my first followers, and you’re just amazing, wonderful, and talented friend. Thank you for being spectacular.

3. mysticbaconslice You make me laugh a lot, your art is wonderful and it cheers me up when I’m sad. Thank you for being amazing.

4. capnofilluminati I love your streams! You are amazing and I wish I could talk to you more (but I’m a shy sack of traaassh). Thank you for being marvelous.

5. ask-marionette- One of my first followers, you were one of the reasons why I kept drawing, and thank you for that. Thank you for being Terrific.

6. ask-mikeschmidt-fazbears  You are amazing and wonderful, It really brightens up my day when you drop in and say hi. Thank you for being Superb.

7. devil-child-robin your art is really really cool man, you’re amazing and a talented artist! Thank you for being Wunderbar.

8. roadtoimagination your art is really cool, I loaf it man, stay frosty. Thank you for being really cool.


I’m a broken record and I keep repeating wonderful and amazing because I’m bad with words ;;

I want to say this to everyone who follows me, thank you for following me and putting up with my shenanigans.

Changing my URL: Blog rates!

I need your help deciding what to change my URL to!

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Tag will be Margo does blog rates. Love you all!

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Y'all are the best.

No, seriously. It amazes me that I can feel so out-of-place in my “real” life, but feel so welcomed and as if I belong when I’m “among” you beautiful people. Your kind words and empathy overwhelmed me last night, and truly made me feel so much better - realizing that I’m not, in fact, the only person who has felt like this (gee, what a concept, Aubrey, you’re not the first person to ever feel lonely) was honestly so important to hear and realize, as well as just making me feel so much less alone.

I went over to my friend Keith’s house last night (I’ve known him since 4th grade & he’s one of the best people I know) and I was telling him about a lot of this stuff going on, and some more specific stories of people sucking, and he really hit the nail on the head when he said “It just sucks because you just wish people cared about your friendships as much as you do”. And that’s so true. I’m the type of person who puts everything she has into friendships, and I rarely receive that in return, so I tend to get hurt a lot. But I don’t plan on changing one of my best (if I do say so myself) qualities just to not feel pain…so I need to get used to the fact that those special people who will reciprocate will be far-and-few-between.

But luckily, I have support systems that will get me through tough times (like now), and that includes this little corner of the internet. I hope someday I can actually meet up with some of y'all, cause I feel like we would have the best of times.

TL;DR: Tumblr is the best, and college won’t last forever, and tumblr is really, truly, the best.