pkmnperks said:

Ok, I seriously had a strange dream where Satsuki was about to beat the shit out of Ryuko (after she recollected Senketsu) until Kotone/Lyra and Silver from Heartgold/Soulsilver protected Ryuko with a magical barrier. For some reason Silver turned into a magical katana called "The Bell Pepper" and Lyra had an epic sword fight with Satsuki. I woke up before I could see the end tho.

I think you need to contact Trigger with this idea

I used to love collecting pokemon merch, as a kid. if it weren’t for the fact that my mom keeps complaining about the number of plushies in my room who knows how many I would have had by now. Even if I could still get more I don’t have the space in my room for them :p.


Some background info on Lysandre and Team Flare.

Edit: Remember that robot suit thingy that Lysandre wore during the final battle? I just realized it was meant to drain the power of Xerneas/Yveltal and channel it back into the ultimate weapon :p.