XY Anime Recap: Episode 8-Grooming Furfrou!

This week’s episode starts off with a trainer, Jessica, attempting to brush her Furfrou, but instead of staying nicely, it runs off out of the bushes and jumps out at Bonnie. Turns out Jessica is a Furfrou groomer-in-training, which much entices Serena. Jessica brings the group to the grooming salon she works in to show them around. Grooming Furfrou is apparently a very intense process! They begin with a thorough health exam, giving them Rawst and Lum berries if the Furfrous are under the weather, and Tamato berries to stimulate their appetites. They also have 10 different types of shampoos and conditioners to use on them as well as specialty grooming instruments for each style of trim. Because Jessica is still to out of synch with her Furfrou, her boss, Sherman, sends them off to try to bond more before she can really get to work.


The gang and Jessica head out on the town and come across a peculiar salon run by an incognito Team Rocket. They originally try to persuade Ash into leaving Pikachu with them to give him a new look, but Ash refuses and they settle on styling Serena’s Fennekin. After they’ve been shooed out of the salon, the group runs into Officer Jenny, hanging wanted signs of a trio running a sham salon depicting who else but, the trio they just left Fennekin with! They make their way back as quickly as possible but the shop has already been packed up with no traces of them, but  Furfrou’s sniffer picks up their scent, leading the group right to them.


A battle ensues! Officer Jenny sends out a Manectric, and James sends out Inkay, which takes out Jenny and Manectric. Then Ash sends out pikachu, who is quickly blinded by ink! But Ash acts as Pikachu’s eyes through the rest of the battle, showing Jessica and Furfrou the strong bond that they’re lacking. While everyone is focused on the battle, Jesse captures Furfrou in an electrified cage! This makes Jessica furious and she eventually breaks the cage open and Furfrou sends Team Rocket blasting off. After everything is over with, Furfrou finally sees Jessica as an able partner and lets her style him with a lovely heart design.


Mod Thoughts

This was a good filler episode. I really liked the details of grooming the Furfrou, and Furfrou getting his bath was just adorable. I was happy to see Team Rocket back to their more goofy selves, and Wobbefet’s different costumes were the best. The only issue I had really was Officer Jenny. Maybe I missed it somewhere along the line, but I would really like some explanation of why Unova and Kalos Jennys look nothing like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Jennys. It would be one thing each region of Jennys (and Joys for that matter) had a specific look, but it makes no sense to completely redesign them without addressing it. But that’s just me being finicky I guess. -Raikou

*images from serebii

I forgot to post my thoughts about the latest XY ep so I’ll do that now
…actually, there’s not much to say, that was the first “filler”-ish ep of this series, but we did get to find out that (assuming that sticks) Officer Jenny’s new Pokémon is Manectric, which is totally cool with me since I like it and it didn’t appear much in the past (the only significant appearances I can remember are 1 ep in AG and 1 ep in DP)
I kind of expected Serena to get a Furfrou in this ep, but that didn’t end up happening… I don’t mind it tho, there are much nicer Pokémon they can give to her (I still hope she’ll get an Espurr)