Happy October, Pokemon Fans! Nintendo Wi-fi connection has a gift for you this month!

This Pokemon is available ONLY over wi-fi connection, unlike the Shiny Gengar Event at Gamestop this month! This special Pumpkaboo can help you enter the Battle Tournament that takes place this month when you trade it to evolve it into a Gourgeist, if you don’t already have one! Grab this special Pumpkaboo equipped with a Rocky Helmet and possessing the two special moves Trick-or-Treat and Scary face! 


Okay holy shit look. At the end of XY when AZ fell to the floor we heard a loud klink and were confused as hell and now we realize its some type of brace, Zinnia also wears some type of brace but uses it as her key stone holder. Ok ok but look Zinnias whismur is named Aster. Aster and Zinnia. AZ. Hmmm, why is Zinnia caught up with the asteroid that has to do with something 3000 YEARS AGO TO AROUND THE TIME OF AZ and what legend told of the day of when the asteroid will hit. She also talks about truths and ideals so black and white whatever that has to do with it might be related to N or Iris since she has a mega salamence. Or even be related to Emma who knows. Or might be emma hmm. But the best bet is that she is a relative to AZ. Her name backwards is AinniZ. Hmm. Speculations. How exciting.