XWF World Cruiserweight Championship For Sale - $1,500

BeltFanDan over at BeltTalk.com has made this ring-used championship available to purchase along with several other belts from the XWF. After WCW folded, the Xcitement Wrestling Federation popped up to replace the void left behind and had several key WCW talent involved. Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Curt Hennig, Vampiro, Konnan, Psicosis and several others were brought into the promotion. Even Tony Schiavone was employed to handle the commentary along with Jerry “The King” Lawler who left the WWF briefly after the Federation fired his then-wife, Stacy “The Kat” Carter.

The promotion filmed several episodes with the hope of shopping it around to several networks but eventually died out due to lack of interest from various outlets.

Speaking of this XWF Cruiserweight Championship, Konnan on MLW Radio had a funny story regarding it being “lost” by its champion, Juventud Guerrera. Apparently, Juvi is a known belt thief and has a nice collection of his championships and once this one went missing, Konnan advised Jimmy Hart to let Juvi know that the title’s worth would just be taken right out of Juventud’s paycheck. Miraculously, the XWF Cruiserweight title reappeared the next day.


Curt Hennig Vs. Hulk Hogan
XWF - November 14th, 2001

I don’t think a lot of people realize that this match, or company, exists. The XWF was Hulk Hogan’s idea once WCW went out of business. The company had a lot of forgotten heroes, especially from the WCW roster, and even included the unlikely pairing of Tony Schiavone and Jerry “The King” Lawler on commentary. Another great thing about this match is that Hennig’s manager is Bobby “the Brain” Heenan!

  • TV Show: Modern Marvels
  • Episode: Dirt (Season 15, Episode 1)
  • Air Date: 1/14/2010
  • Wrestler(s) captured: Julie Squeeze (as herself), Christie Ricci (as herself)
  • IMDB Page:Modern Marvels - Dirt

Xcitement Wrestling Federation (XWF)

In 2001, Vince McMahon created a sports-entertainment monopoly by buying out his competition in WCW and ECW. What sprang from that was not only the birth of the infamous Invasion/Alliance storyline, but the creation of the XWF.

The XWF was created by “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart. The idea behind the inception of the company was to create a more family-friendly competitive show, something that had values and focused on mat wrestling. You know, things that would never compete with the WWE. Go ahead and say “Well, it could.” The fact is, it didn’t. As much as I appreciate the idea, in 2001, it was unrealistic to think that anything could have competed with the WWE.

The XWF was notable for several reasons, however. Where the WWE had acquired WCW and ECW, what it didn’t get a hold of was a large chunk of the respective companies’ contracted superstars. The XWF, however, reached out to several of those stars, and featured them on their shows. The first shot fired was the debut of Hulk Hogan, who was a notable part of both the WWE and WCW. After that, the show gathered a plethora of talent that had been featured on numerous national television shows, such as Curt Hennig, Rena Mero (Sable), “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Buff Bagwell, The Nasty Boys, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Terry Funk, The Road Warriors, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Kid Kash, Marty Jannetty, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, Konnan, Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera, and Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Another thing that made XWF notable and memorable was the emergence of new stars in the world of professional wrestling. XWF introduced the world to such athletes as Christopher Daniels, A.J. Styles, Low-Ki, Jimmy Snuka, Jr. (who would go on to be in the WWE as Deuce), The Shane Twins (the WWE’s forgettable tag team Gymini), Josh Matthews, Carlito, and others.

The XWF had a series of house shows to generate interest, followed by several TV tapings. Once they had a few in the can, Jimmy Hart excitedly prepared to present the show to network executives. Before he got the chance to, however, Vince McMahon began signing away all of his talent. Jerry Lawler returned to the WWE to do commentary, Curt Hennig (who returned to the WWE at the 2002 Royal Rumble), Hulk Hogan returned with the nWo, Roddy Piper soon followed, as well as Rey Mysterio later down the line. Once the XWF folded, the WWE eventually went on to sign others, such as Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis. I guess the truest tragedy is that guys like Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles weren’t signed.

After McMahon signed a bunch of XWF’s talent, Jimmy Hart now had a stack of TV tapings that featured a roster that he no longer had. He’d show these tapes to executives, they’d get interested, then he’d have to explain that a large chunk of them had departed to the WWE. This, of course, turned potential sponsors down and pretty much sent Jimmy Hart packing. Hart has expressed his irritation toward the situation in numerous shoots and interviews, but he understood that McMahon had no interest in competing with anyone else so he was doing whatever he could to shut everyone down. This, however, didn’t stop the 2002 emergence of Ring Of Honor and Total Nonstop Action!

…yeah, good luck with that.

  • November 14th - XWF?

On November 14th, 2001 Hulk Hogan makes his first in-ring appearance since July 2000 when he headlines two days worth of television tapings at Orlando’s Universal Studios for the newly established Xtreme Wrestling Federation. He uses the big boot and legdrop to defeat Curt Hennig.

The idea of the XWF was generated when several wrestling superstars including Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, The Nasty Boys (Knobbs and Saggs) and Greg Valentine were pitched the idea by Kevin Harrington of replacing the then AOL Time Warner owned World Championship Wrestling which was then purchased by rival competitor World Wrestling Federation. The basis of the XWF was to create a wrestling federation showcasing Family Friendly entertainment all while displaying talents of current Wrestling Legends and future superstars similar to the format that was used in WCW Saturday Night / WCW Main Event. The reason was to create a PG style of wrestling that was opposite of what WCW was since the nWo started. In November 2001, filming took place for the new XWF Wrestling Promotion. Present that weekend at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and filmed in matches were Hulk Hogan, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Jimmy Hart, The Nasty Boys, The Road Warriors, Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, Jimmy Snuka, Jr., Rena Mero, Jerry “The King” Lawler, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, and a host of others. The head writer for the promotion was Colin Bowman, former Editor and Publisher of WCW Magazine.

Jimmy Hart acquired the rights for the XWF for an undetermined amount in 2004. In September 2004, the idea of bringing a special television series about the XWF to The Wrestling Channel and likely other channels thereafter was explored by Hart. During July 2005, the XWF released a three DVD series called In Your Face: The Lost Episodes of the XWF. It featured 19 matches from the original Universal Studios tapings with extras including an interview with Hulk Hogan. The series is hosted by Jimmy Hart and Brian Knobbs.

In November 2008 the XWF re-launched its wrestling website displaying the new logo. In January 2009 it was rumored that there were talks of a possible pay-per-view similar to how Total Nonstop Action and Ring of Honor received their television deals. Also, footage from the XWF “invasion” of Puerto Rico in 2002 was to be released. Additionally, plans were underway to launch a series of matches featuring living legends from 2001, new up and coming talent, as well as having living remaining members make personal appearances for the XWF. A Special Collectors set including a DVD, T-Shirt, autographs, and an actual piece of the ring apron from the 2001 tapings was expected to be released later in 2009.

As of 2011, no further activity from the relaunched XWF has taken place, and the website has been taken down.