My friend xulm and I made up this ” let’s draw Polish sweets gijinka” challenge. So we did.

In order:

Prince Polo is a chocolate bar and as long been Poland’s top-selling candy brand.

Ptasie mleczko (literally “bird’s milk”) is a soft chocolate-covered candy filled with soft meringue

Princessa is a Polish chocolate bar made by Nestlé similar to, and in competition to, the longer established Prince Polo - it’s a chocolate covered wafer bar (here- coconut flavour. The only one I ever liked)

Sezamki  (sesame seed candy)  is a confection of sesame seeds and sugar or honey pressed into a bar

Maybe one day we’ll continue those. It was fun making them.

Go check out XULM’s sweets too!

While I’ll think about a name for my otter, here he is with Gertie the Moonfish and Harold Ray. Though xulm said Harold reminds him of Mycroft. (unless we are reenacting X-men Days of Future Past, then it’s Charles Moonfish and Manta Eric Ray >w<)

I’ve a few more honourable mentions I’d like to share over the next week or so from my personal favs of Project Rooftop’s recent “Storm: All weather wear" contest, cos I friggin’ love this character and I was positivly gutted when I didn’t have time to submit anything to this challenge! As always, you’ll have to indulge me while I work through some of these fantastic and varied takes on the character!

Anyways, this here is the 3rd place winner, courtesy of Xulm - I like this for bringing a new twist on 80’s white costume storm, while combining it with a variation on the mohawk - it’s clearly a very popular look for her as you’ll see from the other entries!

Although the layer underneath the cloak is a smidge too simple for my tastes and could have done with just a tiny bit more detail in there to break it up, the cloak idea itself is amazing and suits an older more regal stateswoman take on the character. I think one of the panelists suggested this would make a good schoolmistress outfit which I can certainly agree with, it feels maybe a tad too formal for the battlefield but clearly when the wind starts whipping she can show she means business! So all in all a worthy finalist I hope you’ll agreee!