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Chris Sebela reports on the Kickstarter Project, “The Graphic Textbook” which brings comics to the classroom. This is particularly relevant to my interests as throughout this semester I’ve been trying—through trial and mostly success—to use comics to unlock higher literary concepts, and how they can work in a core composition class or in a high school setting. The thing is, I’m largely flying blind, but I guess this Reading With Pictures organization is a great place to start. Thanks, Chris!

My Oldest Internet Friend* standing next to a bemasked Carrie Brownstein, contemplating a coconut in the new WILD FLAG video. (Be sure to watch for the scene where he fondles a helmet!)

And as further evidence of how awesome WILD FLAG are, I present to you these lyrics:

You watch us dance we dance til we’re dying
We dance to free ourselves from the room
We love the sound the sound is what found us
Sound is the blood between me and you

Let’s bring back music made by people who love making music.

*MOIF also happens to write amazing things. Go grab Screamland #4 from your local comic shop while you still can.