My mum clearly ships Me and Dan together even more than I do. XD
  • Me:*is rewatching Dan's new video*
  • Parents:*walk in to get some letters or something, i dunno what they got*
  • Dad:*looks at screen* Who's that? Is that that guy you got me to watch with you that other time which was rubbish and pretended to be lots of people at once in different shirts?
  • Me:*is mildly annoyed*
  • Mum:Oh don't be rude, it's her boyfriend!
  • Me:*wtf*
  • Dad:boyfriend? Tina has a boyfriend? And one like that?
  • Mum:Not right now, silly, but I don't understand why she hasn't asked him out yet. *walks out*
  • Dad:*walks out looking totally confused and horrified*
  • Me:What just happened...

xtinalestrangex said:

Hi :) Do you know what sort of timings roughly LeakyCon will start and finish each day? Cos i live only 15 minutes away so dont see the point in getting a hotel but it means i might be taking the train late :L

i can only tell you what it was like this year and i assume it will be very similar for 2013 give or take an hour maybe?

the earliest bit of programming would start a 9am but i believe the signing draws were held at 8am, you may want to get there slightly earlier to queue for better seats and things

the latest official event this year went on until 2:30am

however i was up until about 4am with the world record attempt one night

the things that run this late are the wrock concerts and the esther earl charity ball which not everyone is interested in going to

also they usually start at around 8/9pm so you’d be able to stay for a while before you’d need to leave to catch the last train of the night

will you be travelling on your own?

hope this helped a little! :)

HAI GUISE So I just created an event for my 16th Birthday gathering on facebook, and YES YOU ARE ALL INVITED. Click HERE for the event, feel free to add my facebook if you haven’t already (i’m the organiser) cos it would be awesome to have some of you Phamily people there :) Then I’ll invite you officially! (like, facebook invite) Anddd feel free to invite your friends too! :D