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I think we as fans need to place ourselves in GD’s shoes for a moment to really understand where his frustration is coming from.

He has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, 8 of which were with Big Bang. Even before the moment of their debut, he has been watched like a hawk for the slightest misstep, anything to ‘prove’ that he wasn’t invincible. It happened a first time in 2009 with the plagiarism accusations and then his concert scandal. It was really the first time he experienced that kind of negativity and backlash to such a great extent and it still haunts him today; his whole public demeanor changed after it happened and he withdrew into himself.

Then the second time in 2011, which I assume you all know about and I don’t need to elaborate on. That was probably the lowest point in his entire life and the hate started again. “You are the root of all evil in Big Bang,” is what one person said about him through social media and which particularly affected him. Imagine that being said about you; it hurts doesn’t it? But comments like that still get said to him today.

Once he finally got things back in order, the sasaengs started. They would wait outside his home, scaring his mother and sister. He even voiced out about it on his Twitter to get them to stop, and eventually had to move houses. “Fans” essentially kicked him and his family out of his own home.

And now he’s more famous and successful than ever, and with it brought even more craziness to his life. He has endorsement schedules left and right, flying all over Asia and even to America in a matter of days for performances and fan meets, the immense pressure of the fans for him to produce Big Bang’s comeback…. He is probably both physically and mentally exhausted. Yet his birthday rolls around and for one night he can let loose and be himself, enjoy the company of his friends. But even that is tainted.

"Oppa are you dating Kiko?"

“Why is that slut in the picture?”

“Answer me GD!!”

“She is no good for you, get rid of her!”

“You can do so much better Oppa.”

"I saw you two shopping together! You must be a couple!"

Over and over. Thousands of these comments on his Instagram, Kiko’s Instagram, his friends’ Instagrams, Twitter, the internet, news sites….. And how many photos of her did he post himself, that he gave permission for us as fans to see? 


GD posted ONE picture of the people at his party. 

He posted some balloons and his cake and a blurry group photo. He had a party. That is all we should have known about his evening. 

Every other picture of GD and his guests at the party was from one of the guests. How much do you want to bet that he went around to each person to say “Yes, you can post this picture”? I wouldn’t be betting much. 

His ‘private’ birthday party wasn’t even private anymore. And you know what? His friends aren’t even to blame because they were just doing as friends do, as friends of anyone would do, share some pictures of a fun night for each other to see. But it is the fans who also stalk his friends and seek them out, it is the fans who redistribute them, and it is the fans who go back to GD and reveal that these photos have been seen and comment inappropriate things on them

So after 20 long years of skipping a chance at a normal childhood and adolescence, of being under constant scrutiny by the public, facing struggles that no one should have to go through, and giving up his entire life to please us and entertain us, he can’t even have one night to himself, a night that should have been his and his alone. 

We have no right to be commenting on how he lives his life.

We have no right to be telling him who he should or shouldn’t be dating.

We have no right to judge his friendships. 

And we have absolutely no right to invade his privacy and personal space for our own selfish benefit, because our actions sure as hell aren’t benefiting him

G-Dragon is a musician, a band member and a fashion icon; he will never be anything more to us. As a fan we are here to support those endeavors in the most respectful way possible. We are lucky that he is so open with us sometimes and does give us little glimpses into his life, but that is all it should be, a glimpse, not a permission slip for us to control him and treat him like we own him. Please respect him so he can respect us in return; know your place and know the boundary.