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X smiled. “My name is X. I havent seen any kitty’s on my journey around here.”



I’m Yachiru 11th division lieutenant from the soul society.. and aww okay. I would need to ask Ken-chan if I can have a kitty first anyway. 

xthetiger said:


If we kissed:

[x] Quickie

[] Tongue

[] Softly Bite Your Lip

[] Umm We Wouldn’t

[] Long & Meaningful

[] Lets Hit Up The Bedroom.

[x] Awkward ..

[] but we wont cuz you have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

If you tried to hold my hand..

[] lock hands with you

[x] hold your hand

[] rejected you

[x] would become awkward

Would I go out with you ?

[] Yes Definately .

[] No . Wtf

[x] Maybe

[] Nah, You’re Like Family .

[] You’re Cute But Not My Type .

[] Just Simply Not My Type

[] If I Knew You Better

[] Already Did

[x] I Dont know

[] Were Too Close

If we got married :

[] I’d Divorce You

[] Have Kids

[] Take Your Money And Bounce

[] Smash Everyday

[] I Would Cheat On You .

[x] Be Faithful .

[] Kill You In Your Sleep

[x] Think How In Hell I Got You

[] naaaahh we wouldnt ..

You + Me + Room =

[] Cuddle.

[x] Hang Out.

[] Kiss.

[x] Play Games.

[] Smash !

[] Wouldn’t Let You In My Room.

[x] Pillow Fight !

[x] Stay Up All Night.

[x] listen To Music.

[] Sleep With My Arm Around You.

[] Hold You Tight Against Me.