anonymous said:

So, there's this guy that I have a huge crush on and who's way out of my league and has a girlfriend. Now usually I'd be able to get over a thing like this but we're quite good friend's and we sit next to each other in math class. Again, something I'd be able to get over, it's just he always rests his head on my shoulder in lesson, gives me long hugs, sits super close and always tells me I'm an amazing person and cute. Now I know that's just him being friendly but :( I have the biggest crush D:

Well if he’s only being friendly and you’re absolutley sure of that, it would be easier for you to just distance yourself from him a little.. I doubt that seeing him with his girlfriend will make you happy. Just find something that will keep you from thinking of him:) But who knows, maybe things will work out between you two xx 

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