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I KNOW RIGHT i wore it for like two months straight after i first got it and i still probably wear it like at least every other day and it’s going to make my transition to spring clothing that much more difficult oh noooo

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you’re adorable i can’t believe you got this

i’ve been carrying it with me all around campus for the past week! it’s like my dæmon. the other night i went to a birthday party and left it at home, and someone asked me where it was and if i was going to be okay without it

xs4i’s wishlist

TITLE: xs4i’s wishlist


My absolute ride ‘til I die OTPs are Korra/Asami and Zuko/Mai, but I am also intrigued by Zuko/Sokka, Mai/Zuko/SokkaMako/Korra/Asami, and Kya/Lin, if you’re interested in a challenge. (Or, if you’ve been dying to make some Sokka/Toph/Suki happen, here’s your chance. Imagine Suki and Toph ganging up on Sokka!)

The Fire Nation brat pack was what got me hooked on this series—my hands-down favorite episode in the entire Avatar ‘verse is The Beach—and I would delight in getting anything featuring them. Whether it’s fluff set during the show or dark gritty post-canon exploration, more of them is always a treat. I’m super into the individual relationships between the four of them as well, from how twisteddarkbittersweetsad Zuko/Azula is, to the psychosexual Mean Girls dynamic of Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, and oh man, do you think Zuko and Ty Lee interacting would go about as well as Toph and Zuko?

If you’re more into Legend of Korra, Korra and Asami are the most useless of useless lesbians on the show right now, and I desperately need something to relieve their sexual tension. (/fist shake) The old fashion part of me absolutely swoons at their butch/femme dynamic, so I’d love to see something that plays up that aspect of their relationship. (Oh man, and if you could sneak some Mako/Wu into that…)

I also love the sibling dynamic between Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin! I am all for something with three of them bickering lovingly at each other, if that’s more your steez. (My personal headcanon is that Kya is a lesbian of course it is so I’d love to see that reflected. Maybe the girlfriend she brings home is a certain brother’s ex, ahem.)

NO-NO’S: I’m not into Zuko/Katara, Iroh/Asami, Mako/Asami without Korra, or Bolin/Korra, so I’d rather not receive any of that. I’m also not into character deaths, character bashings, infidelity, or abuse/rape.

WHAT I CAN DO: …porn. I love writing shipfic, but where I definitely excel is porn. I can also do line-art and graphics. I’m happy to create for most characters and pairings, but my preference is strongly towards writing sex and writing women. I love writing for my ships of course, but I’m also up for the challenge for doing something new!

WHAT I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T DO: I’m not into Zuko/Katara, Iroh/Asami, Mako/Asami without Korra, or Bolin/Korra, so I’d rather not write for those pairings. I don’t write character bashing or abuse/rape. I don’t have the technological capacity to make gifsets or AMVs.



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ahh yes plz! if you could get me one in whatever the smallest size they run in is, that’d be rad^3

hey! so i asked about the shirts and sophie told me that there’s a list of people that we’ll go down if there end up being any extras. you might end up being a bit lower on the list since sophie knows you already have one, but your name should be on there now and one of us will let you know how it goes. :)